Amanda Elise lee

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Amanda Elise lee

Date of birth: 13 December 1986
Place of birth: Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Hobbies: Yoga


  Speaking of how a gorgeous body can be a great impact in one’s life and career is not a mere approach, when it comes to this term then Amanda Elise Lee is one of the few who has been able to gain a grand recognition is her career life due to her exotic body and captivating lifestyles.

      She is a known and well celebrated Fitness Model who manage to gain stardom due to her extraordinary talent in fitness and body management. Speaking of someone who knows much about fitness, it is not surprising how she manage to gain a nice figure and how she has been able to maintain it up until now.


  Amanda was born on the 13th of December in the year 1986, she was born in Canada. She has five siblings and she happens to be second among them. She has a cordial relationship with her siblings. It was gather that Amanda did not just pick up her talent from no where as her mother was also very passionate about fitness, she is also a personal trainer and gym instructor. Amanda grew up watching her mother do what she was passionate about, no wonder it was easy for her to also pick interest in fitness.

   While Amanda was in high school, she spoke about how skinny she uses to be and she was not comfortable in her own body which made her self conscious about her looks, she knew she has to change her appearance and work towards a more comfortable body then she started visiting the gym frequently so she can be able to build her body to her desire interest, of course her effort did not go to waste as she started seeing changes in her body sooner.

   Amanda educational life can never be ignored as she studied at Sarah Lawrence college where she studied modern dance, she also experiments on different types of body training. Due to her mother encouragement she started her fitness career fully.


 When a lady is well endowed with a body which calls every man attentions then it is certain that many will be interested in her, not to even say of Amanda who has a beautiful face, a gorgeous body and a well respected career. She is known to be the center of attractions for so many man but she has managed to be a little more secretive when it comes to her love interest.

  For some unknown facts Amanda is not interested in sharing her personal life to the world, she has preferred it remain a secret and of course these has really work for her. She is well known but her personal life remains her top secret.

Amanda Elise lee


Amanda Elise Lee career started officially when she started uploading fitness model pictures on her social media platform, due to her unique and exotic posts her fan page start increasing and sooner she started attracting addicted fans. Sooner her big road to stardom became easier when a famous dancer stumbled on her post and tagged it with a caption saying She had an amazing body, just with this comment Amanda fan base increased and these seem to be the beginning of extraordinary days for her in her career. These happen and sooner Amanda began getting more famous day by day, today Amanda is famous enough that she is known for sharing her fitness ideas with over a million fans who are glue to her social media pages.

   Amanda started getting paid as soon as her follower surpass 100,000 followers and she started receiving payment from her post, sooner she started attracting clothing brands who come to her for advert. She also starts doing fitness product advert, all these join together fetches her a wide income. Amanda is also known to have released E-book which promote her full work out sessions on how to tone different body part.

   Amanda is known for training her thighs by doing squat, lunges, leg raises and step ups to maintain the toned muscles. She believes that she was able to gain fame due to her lower part of body which she builds due to fitness. Amanda reveal that she does rotate her workout regime by tagging them “heavy day” which are the routine she does that involve squatting, leg presses and walking lunges, she stated that her other routines which she tagged “lighter day” involves cardio centered workout for the lower body such as Step ups, Side to side steps, Frog jumps and jumping lunges. She revealed that body fitness is one of her most favorite thing in the world, no wonder she was able to build a successful career in it.


 As a beautiful fitness model who is also known to be the center of the fitness world, she has also build a grand name for herself in the entertainment world, she also does advertisement for so many brands. She earns out of her profession as fitness model and also personal trainer. According to authorized social sites Amanda has maintained $42180 as salary and she also make earnings from her online meal sells where her meal plan cost $25 and her body building eBook is worth $35.


 As a fitness model we can’t over look her body measurement which her fans will be much interested in, Amanda have shared her body measurement and they are listed below:

Height: Approximately 5 ft 9 inches or 175cm

Weight: Approximately 56kg or 125 Ibs

Bust: 34 Inches.

Waist: 22 inches

Hip: 38 inches

Hair color: Blonde


  1. She loves Yoga and anytime she is not working out, she is known to engage in Yoga routines.
  2. She owns a personal website named “”
  3. She has a degree in personal physical training.

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