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Entailing on how talent and hard work can yield to success Lele Pons is an example of a get to do kind of lady who believe everything can be achieved if you put in your best into it. She is a highly success and beautiful internet personalities. She has managed to create a high standard for herself in the entertainment world due to her beautiful and must love physic. She is the center of attention when it comes to a high fashion sense and for a certain fact she has manage to use that basis to make her life a much better one. She has acquired a high range of success in her career wise. As of now she is one of the most important social media influencer in the world.

   You want to know more about her personal life, career, early life and some exclusive fact then keep reading to know more about her.


 People who have had encounter with Lele Pons will agree with no doubt that she is always looking young and radiant, although she was born on June 25 1996 but she has a kind of look that will make you feel she is younger. She was born in Eleonora Pons Maronese in Caracas, Venezuela. Although she spends little time in Venezuela but at the age of 5 she moves to Miami, Florida, US along with her family. Lele Pons consider her parent as her right hand and their identity were never hidden from her fans, Lele Pons mother is a practicing nurse who is named Anna Maronese and her father is an architect, both her parent were average earners but she said she had the best childhood ever due to their unending love they had for her. Lele was the only child of her parent, for that reason she was extremely close to them.

   Lele Pons however attended her high school education at the Miami Country day high school and she also graduated in 2015 but she eventually moves to live in Los Angeles in California.  


 Over the years Lele Pons have been mute when it comes to her relationship life, although on many occasions Lele Pons has been caught in so many relationship scandals but none has been officially confirmed up till now. Earlier in 2015 Pons was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with Juanpa Zurita a famous YouTube celebrity although a video of them kissing was licked and there was numerous Instagram post of them all loved up but Lele Pons never confirm the speculation of if the news is true or false but sooner the news went down and then again Lele was rumored to be dating Vine artist king bach in 2016 but they never had a real good relationship showoff till they both departed and on again she was linked with another Vine star Twan Kuyper but she didn’t confirm any of these speculations till date. Up till this moment we couldn’t confirm who Lele Pons is dating but as days unfold we promise to update you on her relationship life.


 Lele Pons started her career officially when she opens her social media platform, although everything wasn’t rosy at first but as she began to upload videos on her Vine account she knew where she is headed as she only aims to attain success, Pons was introduced to Vine by her friends when she was 16 years old, she started by posting videos of her friends but sooner she started uploading comedy videos which brought about her fame and successful in her career today.

     Although she was uploading creative videos before but her fan base was not as much as when she started uploading comedy videos. When she started uploading the videos she started getting high recognition and she herself watch how her fan base increase to thousands and from thousands to millions. Pons Vine account was one the best with extremely high number of membership before it was shut down, she was one of the first user who surpass 1 million followers before Vine was shut down.

    After Vine was shut down, Pons did not give up on her dreams, she instantly joins the YouTube platform and before she knows it her channel has emerged over 7 million subscribers, Lele Pons collaborated with Shots studio to make short comedy video which she often posts on her YouTube channel every Monday, her craft is one of the most important thing to her, that she was sometimes reported to have got injured while trying to make a funny skit.

  Aside the fact that she is a well known YouTuber who has gain high recognition, her career did not stop there as she made a big entry into the movie world in 2016 when she got featured in the American horror television show, although her role only lasted for 7 minutes but it was indeed an open way for her, after her role in the movie she was later involved in a YouTube red series Escape the Night.

   Aside her movie fame she is also known to have written her first book which she releases on April 2016 she titles the book “Surviving High School” and she also wrote a book with the assistance of Melissa de la Cruz, a known New York times best selling author.

   Her fame has also brought about many fashion brand ambassador title, she was the ambassador for Cover Girl in February 2017 and she was also invited to work in the Milan Fashion week in the same month by Dolce and Gabbana. Pons also co hosted Latina America’s 2017 MTV Millennial awards. Aside these she has also gain many recognition and awards due to her multi talent and she has managed to build a high fan base for herself.


 One of Lele Pons selling point remains her exotic and attractive body structure. She is weigh 64 kg and her height is -1.68 m. She has managed to maintain a healthy body structure.


 Lele Pons has managed to gain a great success in her career and she is estimated to worth over $2 million.


  1. She is one the social media star who has the highest followers on Instagram with over 32.6 million followers.
  2. She became the cover of the Cosmopolitan Mexico magazine on November 2018.

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