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Anllela Sagra is a highly recognized fitness model, bodybuilder, trainer and social media personality who has manage to gain a wide range of fame for herself due to her gorgeous body and calm personality. She has managed to win the heart of many due to her highly fashion sense which has drawn millions of fans and followers to her brand. She is one of the sexy personality that you might not be able to get over her sexiness. She is known to have gain fame through her routine fitness training which made her body muscles visible on her. Her love for fitness has brought her to lime light and today she has become one of the most loved fitness Model in the world.


Anllela Sagra childhood experience can’t be left unmentioned, she has a great childhood experience, her bond with her family is something to envy. She was born on October 6 1993 in Colombia. She has a sister who is named Laura Sagra who is also a known and experienced fitness personality.

   Anllela Sagra have always had passion for modelling and fashion since childhood which made her develop quick interest for Modelling and fashion earlier in life so therefore immediately she graduated from high school she enrolled to study fashion designing at the university of Colombia, while she was studying at the university she also use to model during weekends, these was one of the things that help bring her passion for fashion and modelling alive.


When it comes to love Anllela Sagra is also very active, she was speculated to have been in a romantic relationship with Tomas Echavarria who happen to be a fellow and successful body builder and athlete, she posted a picture in 2018 where she was spotted to be wearing something that looks like an engagement ring, although she has never come out to state the fact that she was engaged but fans have concluded that it seems her relationship with Tomas will be leading to marriage soon.


Anllela Sagra career kick off since her high school days when she began to have the passion for workout and modeling, of course as a model she was expected to remain slim so therefore she is known for visiting the gym regular in order to maintain her stature, during one of her numerous routine gym workouts she met with a fitness trainer who talk her to being a fitness model, the idea appears great so she took it up on herself, although during that period there was never a fitness trainer in Colombia, so Sagra appears to be the first of her kind. Sagra never gave up on training, in fact she became more regular with it that sooner it started revealing on her body although she was advised to stop visiting the gym regularly then as it was running her modeling career but sagra never gave in.

   Sooner Sagra love for building her body overshadow her love for modeling, but sooner in 2013 it pave way for her when she came third in the first fitness competition she enrolled in. For the fact that she was a lady brought so many accolades for her as the judges were amaze by her performance despite being a greenhorn in the field. Her victory in the competition brought about the success she has always desire.

   Soon Anllela had to return to modeling which she left for fitness a year before when she forges a new path as the first female Colombian fitness model a recognition which has never been received in the past. She was able to fight her way through this and of course she succeeded and became a well renowned Female fitness model.

 Due to her hard work and a lot of dedications she was able to gather a lot of success and promotions in her chosen career which brought about her high fame on her social media platform, thanks to her participation on social media today she considered the social media platform to be one of her most favorable and profitable source of income as she is known for subscribing membership, she is also known as the brand ambassador for 1Up Nutrition which happens to be a supplement product In the united state of American.  


Anllela has manage to gather a huge fame for herself as a fitness model and she also run a YouTube channel with over 28,000 subscribers. According to a confirm source she earns $669-10.7k as salary and over $56-$892 per month.


Her sexiness and attractive body will make anyone want to double check when she passes by or post online, she has a body measurement of 35 bust, 24 waists and 34 hips. She wears bra size 32c, dress size 4 US and shoe size 7.5 Us. Her body is weight of 59 kg or 130Ibs and height of 5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm.


  1. Anllela Sagra is known to have been featured on fitness curves, iron man, Tendencia and she also made appearance in Olympia.

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