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A captivating young lady with a body which can make anyone fall in love with her, the combination of her physic and her intelligent has brought about her fame in the entertainment world, she has managed to gain a massive following on her Instagram due to her exotic looks and classic lifestyle, she has a great sense of fashion which has made many to queue for her daily post. Aside the fact that she is one of the most famous personality on Instagram and other social media, she is also known for being famous as a fitness model, she considers being sexy as a pleasure no wonder she was able to build a great body curve for herself through fitness.


The famous and highly stylish Swedish Model and fitness personality was born on June 19, 1992 in Stockholm, Sweden. She has a great childhood experience although there is no much information available regarding her family and her childhood experience but looking at Anna Nystorm lifestyle you will agree with me that her childhood is a happy one, although it was reported that she suffer from some several physical health issues that had threatens to block many chances of her success. She spoke about how she uses to be so much in pain and even try to make it out of bed with too much toll on her body.

      Anna fought herself out of her illness, she knew if she tries she will be able to get out of the illness and she embarked on a search for a medical professional who came to her aid, sooner she was able to fight her way out of the sickness and later she became strong enough to work out in gym.


The beautiful model and fitness personality will no doubt have many suitors, her curve and sexy body will make many fall in love with her, although she doesn’t have past relationship history but according to report she is in a romantic relationship with Ako Rahim a famous fitness personality and a licensed trainer but according to her Instagram account she seems to be in a romantic relationship with an unknown man whom she often posts on her Instagram account.


As soon as Anna Nystrom recover from her illness she decided to take the journey of her recovery to another level by giving more attention into fitness and that was when she started working on her body and curves. As early as 2013 Anna open her Instagram account and she started posting pictures of herself everyday but along with her passion for fitness she saw the Instagram platform as a means to chronicle her journey, she felt Instagram platform is also a way to share her experience with people who might be going through the same experience she had.

    While growing up she has always had passion for photography and painting, along with her photography and painting she manage to be more creative with her social media modelling, so she saw this as a great opportunity, her creative side is often seen in some of the workout clips she uploads such as the one where she made use of a block of ice to do her squats.

   As of present she has grown her Instagram page to over 7.5 million followers and she is also very active on YouTube where she has grow thousands of subscriber who visit her page. Its amazing how Anna Nystrom have managed to move from being a hopeless young girl to a success personality who has become one of the licensed personal trainer. Aside from being a fitness guru she is also known for selling art.

    She is also known to have done fitness for great brands such as Kapten & son, Workout empire, Skinny Mint Tea, Lush and many others. She is also known to have appeared on magazine cover such as FHM, and sports illustrated.


The most loved Swedish model who is known for her overall sexiness, she stands at a height of 5 feet 1 inch (155 cm) and she also weighs 52 kg (115 ibs). Anna has a bust size of 34 inches and a waist size of 26 inches and hip size of 3 inches.


Anna Nystrok net worth is approximately $300,000 to $350,000 of net worth till date.


  1. She is a pet and animal lover; she has a dog whom she often posts on her Instagram account named Lea.
  2. Anna own a fitness blog where she updates regular fitness and nutrition tips.
  3. Anna is a testament of going all natural for your work out goals can be very beneficial, she often avoids supplements such as plague and for her minerals, fiber and vitamins needs she includes a rich helping of vegetables in all her meals.
  4. Anna state that her best features are glutes. This is confirmed by her heavy glutes workout that she posts on her social media account.

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