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Jack Tenney great impact in the YouTubing world can not be left unappreciated, he is one of the few who has manage to gain a wide range of success for himself, he is loved for his American Professional Skim boarder and surfer and he is also widely known for his YouTube channel which he named JOOGSQUAD PPJT, Jack is also known for producing, directing and editing extreme sport videos as well as prank videos. Aside his famous personal YouTube channel he is also known for co owning a YouTube channel which is named Joog News on the channel they are known for covering everything that is related to social media and videos games.

   With all these great experience Jack has managed to be named one of the most successful YouTuber in American who has managed to pull high amount of subscriber on his YouTube channel. His exceptional talent in making comedy skit which he often posts on his YouTube channel has been one of the few things which has increased his fan base up till date, he has review his love for entertainment and he also stated that he loves taking risk, as it is part of a way to gain success in life.


Jack Tenney happens to come from a pleasing family filled with lot of bond and love, jack Tenney was born on November 1, 1994 in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida USA. He has a brother named Tuner, Tuner happens to be a successful and famous gamer who has gain high recognition for himself, he also have another brother who is named Pierce and he has a sister who is named Alexandra, although there has not been information regarding their parent identity but it was gathered that he has a great and special bond with them.


When it comes to his Jack Tenney love affairs he has been quite secretive about it, no information was put out to his fans on whom he might be having a relationship affair with, he has rather been lip sealed when it comes to his love affairs.

    No information or speculations have been gathered on whom he might be going out with, but we promised to keep you updated as soon as we gather up information’s.


Jack Tenney kick up his professional career on May 16, 2007 when he launched is now famous YouTube channel which he named JOOGSQUAD PPJT, the channel is very famous due to his attractive posts, he is known for posting numerous funny videos and some entertaining contents. He is well known for posting pranks videos and challenges. He is also known for his numerous videos of Trampoline acts and Top 10 lists. As a well trained skim boarder and surfer he is also known for posting a high number of sport videos on his YouTube channel.

    Although Jack Tenney has various successful and famous videos on his YouTube channel but one of his two most famous videos on his YouTube channel happens to be “Kids drinking beer prank on cops and ‘I think I smell bacon ft FaZe Tfue JOOGSQUAD PPJT and Line of Trampolines to the ocean’, his first ever video where he posted prank hit over 12 million views where he featured Tenney and his other buddies.

   Jack Tenney also has a second YouTube channel which is named Joog News where he posts with snippets related to the video game Fortnite and social media, one of the famous video on the channel happens be the video which he titled “Ninja says LLIGMA Joke has gone too far” which happens to be one of the most entertaining post on that channel


Just like his brother Tener Tenney he also has managed to gain a wide amount of his success for himself just by doing what he loves doing the most, Jack Tenney is estimated to have a net worth of $600,000.


  1. Jack Tenney was among the contestant for the competition show Americans got talent season 13 but he was eliminated earlier but he never gave up on himself and he continue to make remarkable success for himself.
  2. He happens to be a friendly person who had cordial relationship with many other YouTube stars such as Jake Paul whom he has collaborated with on many of his YouTube videos, along with Jake Paul he has appeared on a video which they titled Jake Paul Swatted Again!! 3 days in a row.


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