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Turner Tenney is a well celebrated and successful gamer who is known and appreciated for his great talent in gaming, he has managed to pull millions of crowd to his fan base due to his talent as a gamer. He is also known as a member of the well known Faze clan, aside the fact that he is a member of twitch streamer he is also known for his Fornite videos where he has managed to pull many of his fan base, as he is considered as one of the best Fornite player in the world.

   Turner is also known for playing other videos games such as Call of duty: Advanced warfare, destiny, player unknown’s battlegrounds and so many others. Due to his great talent in gaming he has manage to accumulate over 4.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 2.7 million followers on his Twitch.


The famous game guru was born into a great family which is filled with love, he was born on January 2, 1998 in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. He has a close relationship with his brother Jack Tenney who is also a famous and successful YouTuber and he also have a sister who is named Alexandra.

   From his childhood Tenney have always had interest in video game, although he is a professional video game player he doesn’t have any slight interest in stereotypical couch potato game but he is quite good in surfing, skim boarding, skate boarding and trampoline stunts. He is also known to have done some of deadliest cliff jumps videos which was uploaded on his brother Jack YouTube channel.  


When it comes to his personal life, like his relationship affairs, Tenney has been more secretive but there was a viral speculation in 2018 when Tenney was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with Kopf but other sources claim that Kopf could be in a relationship with another pro gamer of MrBeast’s $100,000 YouTuber circle challenge as she was spot with him a week prior.

   Aside these unconfirmed speculation Tenney has never been linked with any other female in the past, so therefore his fans have concluded that he is probably single.


Turner tenney happens to be one of the few celebrities who were able to discover their career earlier in life, he began his video game career when he was 12 years of age, he has manage to put all his effort into gaming as early as possible. Halo was one his first video game he played which he got addicted to and before he knows it he started playing competitively, all these time his elder brother Jack have already launch his YouTube channel where he is known for posting pranks, challenges and sport videos on his channel as at then Tunner was also part of his elder brother YouTube channel and he is known for appearing on videos featuring trampoline stunts, surfing and skating, sooner he moved to other games such as Call of duty and destiny which happens to be the first game he played professionally, he became very successful with gaming and that was when he started taking it more serious, he then start his professional career by partnering with Twitch to stream the game on that platform.

   Tunner first ever YouTube video was a gameplay of call of duty: advance warfare which he posted on November 16, 2014 but sooner than expected he started making money and quicker than expected he became very successful for his talent. He soon starts posting videos on his YouTube channel and streaming on Twitch where he manages to gather a wide range of fans and viewers. As soon as the game PUBG and H1Z1 tournament started he started streaming those game on his twitch account which also attracted many fans to his brand. He was attending H1Z1 when he met another famous gamer named Ninja along with Ninja he competes down the road, as soon as Fortnite was release Tunner was already an experience battle royale player and he happens to be one of the first ever player to master new game.

    In early 2018 Tunner join the famous FaZe clan which made his YouTube channel and Twitch started gaining a wider range of fame, in less than a month he has manage to gain over 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

  Aside for his talent in gaming tenner also had his crisis in the entertainment world as he has been involved in one or few controversial, earlier in 2018 he was ban from Twitch for using racial slur and on June 22, 2018 his Fornite account was ban permanently for attempting to sell account to another user and also on august 7, 2018 his social media account was hacked but the hacker were suspended due to harassment on August 23, 2018 but the accounts were later reinstated on September 5, 2018. Although he has dealt with so many obstacles but Tenner has managed to come out stronger, today he happens to be one of the best gamer all over American.  


Turner Tenney has manage to gain success all credited to his talent in gaming, according to the right channels, he is estimated at $0.5 million.


  1. His elder brother Jack is also known for his JOOGSQUAD PPJT YouTube channel which has amassed him over 3.6 million subscribers.
  2. Tenney is known to have hold multiple world records as player which include the Fornite record for the most squad kills ever 53 on Pc which he has achieved with friends such as Nick Eh 30, One shot Gurl and Faze Cloak on June 8, 2018 and he also has a world record in skim boarding.

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