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Speaking of someone who is well endowed, beautiful and smart then you have Alexis Ren in check, she is not just a beautiful and captivating Model but she happens to be one of the most famous Model in the world, her bright and captivating look as brought about her great success in the modeling world.

  Although she started her career on a small record but today she has managed to gain a high followers and she is also known to have appear as the face of many brand due to her hard work and consistence in the entertainment world. Earlier in the pursue of her career and fan base she is known to have worked with top management such as Nous Model management, Chic management and The lions NY management, she is also known to have appeared on several musical videos and she has been the face of so many top brands which has brought about her undescribed fame in her modeling job. All credited to her hard work, today she is considered one of the top model which ever existed.


The beautiful and most talked about Model was born on November 23rd 1996 in Santa Monica, she was born into an influence family her father is a lawyer named Frank Gaylord while his mother is nutritionist who is named Cynthia Gaylord, although she had a bit of sad experience when she lost her mother to colon cancer in 2014, her mother was reported to have suffer the ailment for over a year before they lost her to the battle.

   As we have said earlier she is a family person who have a special bond with her family, she has four siblings, three girls and one boy. She was the third among her siblings. As per educational background Alexis Ren attend school for a bit but she was later homeschooled by her mother as she started her career at the age of thirteen and due to her busy schedule she couldn’t meet up with schooling.


The famous and beautiful Model relationship life can’t be left un mentioned as many of her fans are interested in knowing who she might be going out with, in 2014 Ren was linked with the famous Model named Jay Alvarezz the two had made their relationship obvious when they started appearing in musical videos and often post each other pictures on their various Instagram account, their love was the top of town then as they are always all loved up but sooner their relationship went soar when the both of them started throwing hurtful words at each other on twitter.

  After the breakup between Ren and Jay she has been off any social media relationship but of recent she was spot together with another man but the identity of the guy have not been revealed but her fans are obviously curious about the lucky guy and are inpatient to know about his identity.


Alexis Ren career in modeling started officially when she was thirteen years old after she got to sign a deal with Brandy Melville, for over a year she works as a freelanced model for small project not until Nous Model management sign her. When she became 14 years old she has already got booked for an ad with Seventeen Magazine.

  Ren got her biggest dream come to reality when she posted on Tumblr about a photo shoot with Lucas Pass more at sixteen, immediately after this incident she began to get more famous each passing day as her followers on Instagram started growing from thousands to million and as at present she has gained millions of followers on her Instagram account.

  After that she started working with We Turn Urban magazine, C heads magazine and Next door model magazine and she is known to have also worked for numerous brands such as Forever 21, Tobi, us rags, Puma, Fox head, Calvin Klein, Gooseberry intimates, L’Oreal, Miss Holly, Sweat the style and A’GACI. Ren made her first ever run way debut in 2014 when she walked for the famous Sahara Ray Swimwear.

    Her work as a model are numerous that we can’t stop measuring if permitted to but one of her most famous campaigns was Calvin Klein’s Put It On, Take It off video and in 2015 Ren made it to the surfing magazines swimsuit.


Ren’s Net worth is estimated to $3 million. She earns from her modeling career which has brought about her wealth.


Ren is loved for her gorgeous personality and with no doubt she is one the few who possess a great and attractive body. Ren stands at the height of 5 ft. 7 and she weigh 56kg. Her bust is measures 35, Waist 24 and Hips 35.


  1. She is well loved for her hot body and attractive personality. She possesses a sharp features and beautiful skin.
  2. She is one of the humblest celebrities that she even takes pictures with her fans on the road.
  3. As per her diet she avoids bread, red meat and fast food. She prefers having a daily dose of fresh vegetables and fruits for all her meals and she stays clear from sugar and alcohol.

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