I have always had these huge love for Korean movies that sometimes when I get an interesting one I do stay glue to the screen, the love and bond I often see them share is something that can’t be compered, it always feels like the drama is something which can easily be felt.

   There captivating story has always made me have great love for their drama. Sometimes I even miss sleeping for the sake of not wanting to miss the next episode. I have watch several Korean dramas most especially the romantic one’s and I can say confidently that Korean are among the best movie writers in the world.

 With a lot hard thinking I came up with 15 of my best Korean movie of all times. Here is the list in no particular order:

  1. Boys before flowers: This series is one of the best Korean series of all time which has manage to pull many crowd and I can say that every home must have seen this movie, these series is all about an average girl who get tangled up in the lives of an arrogant rich boy and his friends, these series shows us how we can find love even when it is unexpected. The series shows heartbreak, love and compromises.
  2. My love from another star: My love from another star is one of my best Korean movie, I can categorically say I have watch this movie over 20 times, this series is all about an alien who landed on earth in the Joseon Dynasty and 400 years later, falls in love with a top actress in the modern era. This interesting story also shows how love can be strong and how it can overcome any obstacles. We get to see strong bond between Kim and Jun.
  3. The heirs: The heirs is another interesting drama which proves how love doesn’t have boundaries. This movies tell the story of Kim Tan who is the rich heir of the empire group, while he was attending college in the united state he met with Go Eun Sang who also came to the state to live with her elder sister in the hope of a better life, but things did not go as expected as she was betrayed by her sister who had fake her live, she was stranded with no where to go and she is taken in by Tan. This happen to be the beginning of their unending love, I highly recommend this drama as it is one of the best Korean series.
  4. Playful kiss: Playful kiss is one of my favorite Korean drama, this movie is one the best of it kind. This series is all about a ditsy and unpopular Oh Ha NI who is in love with her opposite Baek Seung Jo who happens to be a smart and popular boy, the story takes an interesting turn when Oh ha ni wrote and deliver a love letter to Baek Seung Jo to which he gives back graded. Oh Ha Ni pursue her love for Baek Seung for a long period before he could finally realize his love for her.
  5. City hunter: A action pack movie which has a combination of actions and love. This series is about a young man who is named Lee Yoo Sung with the secret identity of “City hunter”. He is out to take revenge on the politicians who caused his father death many years ago, he plans never to develop feelings for anyone but that changes as he grows closer to a woman he works with named Kim Na Na.
  6. Kill me or heal me: I remember how I use to be so glue to this movie, these is another great one you should be seeing if you haven’t. This series is all about a man who suffered a great trauma in his childhood which cause him to lose some of his childhood memories, in the process he created several other personalities in order to deal with this trauma, along the line he met with Shin Se Gi who help him after he injured himself in a night club, after these incident they kept meeting each other, sooner Cha Do Hyun decided to make Shin Se Gi his personal physician and in the process they both uncover the mystery connection they share.
  7. Emergency couple: The series Emergency couples is another drama you should see if you haven’t. The romantic comedy/medical drama is all about a divorced couple whose tumultuous feelings for each other are rekindled when they become reunited years later as an interns at the same hospital.
  8. Healer:  The healer is another super interesting movie you have to watch if you haven’t. This story is center about a young man who suddenly discover he have the gift of healing, in the pursue of trying to understand it and the new reality it offers a teenage girl with terminal cancer unexpectedly show him the way. This movie is really an interesting one which you should see if you haven’t.
  9. Descendants of the sun: Descendants of the sun is one of my best series, this movie have a lot of plot which you won’t want to miss. The story is about a doctor who is stationed in the fictional war zone of Urk and the love story follows when love develops between a surgeon Kan Mo Yeon and a special forces officer Yoo Shi Jin both elite in their respective fields, the story tracks their personal and professional struggles while exploring issues about the values of life.
  10. Lair game: Lair game is the last on the list but this doesn’t mean it is my least favorite. This story is center around an honest college student who is named Nao Kanzaki who received a package containing 100 million Yen and a note that she is now a contestant in the lair game tournament, in this tournament contestant are allowed to lie and cheat to obtain other contestant money with the loser forced to bear a debt proportional to their losses. When Noa’s first opponent, a trusted former teacher steals her money she seeks assistance from a con man named Shinichi Akiyama.


In no way have we concluded that this list is the best Korean drama’s, you are still entitled to your opinion which might also be the best.


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