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The intelligent and great American trends host who is popularly refer to as Dr Gina Loudon has managed to gain a high recognition when it comes to being an author, anchor, columnist and media personality, her excellent work in her chosen career as pave way for her and today she is one of the most successful media personality in American.

    Loudon became famous on her regular appearance on Fox news and Fox business, she is also known as a commenter on other popular channels which includes CNN, BBC, MSNBC and many others.

   Aside from her successful career as a media personality she also belongs to the Republican party and she is also one of the founder member of the Tea party movement. Loudon happens to also be the media spokesperson for Donald J. Trump during the 2016 united presidential election.

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The beautiful and highly successful media personality was born on January 27, 1969 in Missouri in the united state of America. She had a beautiful family which is filled with love. She was raised by her parent along with her siblings whose names were never revealed, while she was young she was much interested in cheerleading and dancing.

    As for Loudon educational background she is someone who is paramount about learning so she studied at the university of William wood where she graduated with degree in design, communication and psychology and she also had a master degree at St Louis university. Her education did not stop there as Loudon hold a doctoral degree in Industrial psychology.


Gina Loudon is a happy person no wonder she was able to give a happy home for her husband and children. She is married to John Williams Loudon who is popular known as the former Missouri senator. The couple initially met when Gina was in college and the duo finally got married in 1990 at West Minster college, the couple together have five children, two daughter named Lyda and Lily and three sons named Jack, Robert and Samuel who is adopted.

   The couples along with their children stays in San Diego California in the united state.


Gina Loudon career started officially after she graduated from college, her career started when she started working with KJSL where she was holding a talk show but soon she relocated to Alabama where she was reporting from the company’s flagship station WYDE. Gina career took a new turn when she started her own show which she titled Dr Gina show as soon as the show started taking a good turn it became one of the fast selling shows on Crawford Broadcasting’s family of stations.

  Gina Loudon career started taking greater success when she became the host of the America Trends the show which was aired on cable networks with over 32 million subscribers which is based on social media and trends of the day, Gina Loudon was also a regular guest on the popular channels such as Fox News, Fox business, CNN, MSNBC and CSPAN where she often discusses issues of the day which includes Politics, business, women’s issues, fashion, psychology and many other interesting topics.

  Her career doesn’t end at being a Media personality alone as she is also known as an acclaimed author and she has also written several books such as ladies and gentlemen which was published in 2012 and What Women Really want in 2014. Gina was also the official spoke person for president Trump during the presidential campaign in 2016.


Gina Loudon is known to have gathered a lot of wealth in her career as a television host, radio host and from her book, she has managed to gather lot of fortune but as of present her Net worth have not been estimated but we promise to update you as soon as we are able to gather the information regarding her Net worth.


  1. Gina Loudon was named one of the 10 hottest women in News media and she is also one of the top 50 conservative columnists of in 2016.
  2. Gina Loudon and her husband had a bit of low time when their 18 years old daughter Lyda Loudon started dating a man who is 57 years old named Steve Bauer who is also a Cuban America actor and also well known for his reality television series titled Ray Donovan. The man was reported to have got married three times and all his marriage ended up in divorce before he started dating Lyda, it is reported that Lyda and the man has been spotted on various occasions happy.
  3.    Sooner Gina wrote a 2000 words where she spoke about her daughter and how she has chosen to support her decision and show her love.

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