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The way Dua Lipa have manage to gain a great success as well as high recognition for herself in the music world can’t be left unnoticed. As at present she was the official most streamed woman in 2017 in UK which made her one of the Top female musician in the American industry. Her consistence and hard work have place on high and successful note; she is one the female artist who has the best fan base in the industry. She came from an artistic family; her father is named Dukagjin Lipa who is also a rock singer, she has a sister named Rina and a brother named Gjin.

     As of today she is one of the best in British music industry, she is one of the celebrities who knows the important of elevating their young female fans to live their lives to the fullest and not to put themselves under any man domination in the society.

    Are you one of the few people who are curious and want to know more about the famous Dua Lipa, here are more details about our famous and most loved Dua LIpa.


Dua Lipa was born in London on august 22nd 1995, she spent most of her childhood in London where she attended Sylvia Young Theatre School, she was a part time student but she later moved back to her native home in Kosovo along with her parent in 2008.

  After two years of staying in Kosovo along with her parent she moved back to London to pursue her dream for music, when she move to London she use to work as a waitress and later find job as a model and eventually in 2013 she starred in a television commercial. She later did cover of her favorite songs of her most favorite artist such as P!nk and Nelly Furtado which is posted on YouTube, this happen to be the beginning of her career which went from best to greater height.


Dua Lipa is well known for her gorgeous body no wonder fans are also concern about who she might be dating, Dua Lipa has been reported to have been in a romantic relationship with the famous Model and British Chef who is known as Isaac Carew and she is also known to have been in a romantic relationship with Paul Klien for 5 Months but she later broke up with him on January 2018, as of present she is not in any open relationship, we promise to reveal more details concerning her relationship status as they unfold.


Dua Lipa started her career when she release her first single which she title New Love on august 2015 after the release of her single New Love doors of success and fame were open for her as she receive greater success in her career soon she release her second single which she title Be the one on October 2015, her second single pave way for her into global prominence when the song hit number one in Belgium, Slovakia and Poland at the same time, it also came up as number 10 song across 11 European countries, the success of the song did not stop as it went on to be on repeat play in Australian and New Zealand for a long period of time.

    On May 2016 she releases her 3rd and 4th singles which she titled Last Dance and Hotter than hell, her single Hotter than hell became a hit as it became a hit all around the world as it peaked number 15 in the Uk. Dua Lipa later enter the US Billboard Hot 100 with her 5th album Blow your mind which hit number 72 on the billboard, her single later went from top 23 on the billboard dance club songs chart.

   In 2016 she collaborated with the famous and successful artist named Sean Paul in the single No Lie and by January 2017 she later releases another single title Scared to be lonely which also feature Martin Garrix, after few months she went on to launched her self title debut studio album on June 2nd 2017 which was released by warner Bros music. In 2017 after the great success of her album she was named the Most streamed woman in the Uk by Spotify. Her starve for greatness as been the secret of her many successes in the years.


Her sexy and captivating body is a good source of inspiration as she is loved by many, her height is of 5 feet 8 inches, weight 58kg, she wears bra size of 32D which fits into a US dress size of 6 or 36 for the EU and her shoe size is 7 or 37.5 for the EU.


Dua Lipa use to be a YouTuber and together with the wealth she was able to acquire as a singer her net worth is estimated to be $3 million


  1. Her lyrical themes of the song of her album were mainly about her personal views of love, sex, self empowerment and raising above odds. The album contains 12 tracks which were all written by her.


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