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Great songs are the healer of soul and when we talk about someone who is great in what she does Lauren Daigle is an example of bundle of talent, she has managed to gain a great recognition and success for herself in the American music industry and her role in the industry can be left un mentioned.

   Lauren Daigle is well known as a gospel artist and also a passionate singer and song writer, she became very famous when she releases her deluxe album “Look up child” and “How can it be” which was ranked top on the billboard Christian chart.

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Lauren Daigle was born on September 9, 1991 in Lafayette in Louisiana, she was born into the family of Mark and Laura Daigle. Her love for music has been one of her many inspirations since childhood, she is known for listening to music such as zydeco, blues, Cajun and gospel music’s. she has always love singing since childhood and with her sweet melody she manages to turn their home to “The music box”.

  Things took a new turn when Lauren Daigle was diagnosed with an infectious ailment named Glandular fever at the age of 15 which made her resign from attending public schools and she was later homeschooled in her home for about two years. Her illness was one of the stepping stone to her career success as it has made her fall in love with music and singing which drive her at edge of discovering her talent in singing.

    Soon after she was old enough to cater for herself she continues her education as she studies at the Louisiana state university after going to a mission field in brazil and also a charter school where she completed a fast track of six months rather than the normal one year six months.


The beautiful and talented Lauren Diagle has manage to maintain a high standard when it comes to relationship or dating, she is one of a kind artist who doesn’t love putting her love life on the social media platform.

  According to report Lauren is currently single and neither has she been married previously or in any form of relationship speculations.


Lauren Diagle career kick off while she was in college, she started making name for herself when she join the local church choir, soon after she featured in the church north points album which was titled “Inside Out” where she did the song “Close”, “You Alone” and “It is well” after the release of the album, the album got a high sales and Lauren started getting high recognition from “Centricity Music” due to her excellent delivery in the album, the Centricity Music soon asker her to attend a workshop and later she was asked to replace the singer for “ Nothing is wasted” from the Jason Grays single album as he was ill at that moment of its release. Centricity Music label later sign her as a singer afterward and she did her first solo with them which she titled Light of the world in 2013 from an album comprising many Centricity artist and songs, this album officially introduce her to American gospel music as few of her single in the album became a hit.

   Lauren Daigle release her first album in 2015 which she named “How can it be”, the album was a big hit for her and it was rated top on the Billboard Christian albums chart and the album lasted six weeks as no 1, the album is one of the first 20 on the Billboard top album chart for all genres and other singles from the album also peak top on the billboard Christian airplay charts which include “First”, “Trust in you” and “ Come alive Dry Bones”.

     Lauren Daigle role in the American industry has earn her a high notification as she has received award for “How can it be” from K love awards for worship song of the year and her album was listed for the best contemporary Christian music album for the Grammy awards in 2016. Her single “How can it be” also won her other awards such as Best new artist awards for the song of the year award, song of the year, artist of the year award, song writer of the year and contemporary recorded song of the year and many others. Lauren release her latest single in 2018 which she titled “You say, look up child” which also became a major hit and the single has topped the chart of Hot Christian songs, mainstream hot 100 and rolling stones.


The American contemporary Christian singer and song writer is estimated to worth over $6 million.


  1. While Lauren was in college she made attempt at the American idol in 2010 and 2012 but she didn’t make it through.
  2. Lauren Daigle was involved in a controversy of recent when she made a statement about her stance on homosexuality, she has stated that she is indifferent about it and she wouldn’t call it a sin since she isn’t God.

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