As the internet keeps growing day by day, people start noticing how well it can be a big source of income for them, having a great platform which has a lot of offers such as online streaming video sharing. The social media platform has managed to win the heart of so many with their brilliant way of bring people together and as of today people don’t only go online for fun, people have started making social media as a great means which they can bring out the best in them.

 The introduction of a great platform like YouTube is a way which people has been able to advertise and drag more traffic to their fan page which has turn a great way for them to earn a good income.

  For instance, YouTube has made partnership with their users which makes it possible for channel owners and uploader of videos on the site to generate revenue from their videos, adverts are played before each video starts and they are paid for by the owners of the product being advertise.

    As of now it has been gathered that YouTube has managed to partner with millions of its user, among millions of YouTuber’s we came with 8 highest paid YouTube stars all around the world.

  The list is below from the lowest to the highest:

Jacksepticeye – Highest paid YouTube stars: Sean William McLoughlin is the 8 highest paid YouTube star in the world, he is estimated to worth over $16 million, he has been involved in little or no controversial as he Is known for always maintaining his cool. Among the million YouTube subscriber in his home town Ireland he is the number one famous and high paid YouTube star. The name of his famous channel is a nick name which he got while he was in high school which is widely refer to as Jackspticeye, he happens to be one of the YouTube who are part of the Revelmode network and as a result of Pewdiepie’s comments and he is also affected by the action taken by Disney and he is known to have sign for another show with the Disney XD.

Vanoss Gaming: Vanoss is another great YouTuber who happen to be on the list of the top 10 highest paid YouTube star in the world as he is estimated to worth $17 million. He is known for producing his video in a way that are innovative and witty although he hardly appears on the screen but he still keeps to over 23.8 million subscribers. The Canadian produces have sometimes try to make name for himself in the music industry but it has not been as successful as YouTubing for him.

Markiplier: This is another great and successful YouTube star who has manage to earn $17.5 million for himself. He is known for posting content related to predominantly gaming, he is a student of biomedical engineering before his life finally took off drastically which made him create a YouTube channel, he initially started YouTubing as a test run for his career as a voice actor. He has gain over 22 million subscriber on his YouTube channel and he has also sign various deals with brands to advertise their merchandize.

Jeffree star: Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr is one of the few who has gotten a high fame due to internet. He became famous on the internet when he gain a large fan base on Myspace where he happened to be the most followed person, although when he was on Myspace he tried to venture into music but he was not successful in it, he is well known on YouTube as the king of makeup and as at now he has earn over $18 million and following the creation of his YouTube channel he has co founded the make up line which he called Jaffree star cosmetics which brings in $100 million every year from the sales of cosmetic and make up products.

  • DanTDM: Daniel Robert Middleton happens to be one of the highest paid YouTube star in the world, he is known to have made name for himself on YouTube, as at present he is estimated to worth $18.5 million which he has done by streaming videos of him playing the sandbox game Minecraft for over five years and he has made earnings of up to 2 million which has increase his ranking on the list. He Is not only famous on YouTube but he has also bagged a role in the animated movie Ralph breaks the internet and a world tour which included four shows at the Sydney Opera house which all sold out.

Dude Perfect: This YouTube channel is being run by 5 active man named Cory and Coby Cotton who happens to be twins along with Garret Hilber, Cody Jones and Tyler Toney with the great work of this five they have earned $20 million. The are known for creating content which mostly consist of achieving impossible and impractical sports trick, their video has earned over 170 million over the years and they are known to have also featured professional sport personal such as Drew Bree’s, Odell Beckham Jr, Dale Earnhardt Jr and many others.

Jack Paul: Jack Paul who happen to be the younger brother of the famous Logan Paul is the second highest paid YouTube star in the world, he is estimated to worth $21.5 million. He started his career on Vine where he known for creating pranks which is what makes up for his content on his YouTube channel and as well as fun rap which has served as an entertainment to his 5 million YouTube subscribers.

Ryan ToysReview: The number one richest YouTube star on YouTube is none other than Ryan who happens to be youngest on the list, his channel is known for catering for children. Ryan along with his mother and sister review toys. As of present he has over 17 million subscribers and over 26 billion views. Ryan is estimated to worth $22 million. He also has a line of merchandise that sells at Wal Mart, his video has had a cultural and social impact especially with those with high numbers of view.


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