A glance at Jeffree star will make you wonder what his actual gender is, he is one of many who has been able to acquire a wide range of fame through the media, he is known for posting cosmetic and makeup teachings, when we talk about knowing every cosmetic idea Jeffree is the one to recon with. He has always had interest in makeup since his childhood, no wonder he happens to be one of the famous YouTube star today. Aside the fact that he is talented in Cosmetic and makeup’s he is also an expert as a beauty influencer, singer, song writer, actor and Shrewd business man.

  The famous androgynous and gender bend looking is also well known for his controversial phrases and his less concern attitude in the media. Want to known more about the famous Jeffree Star read below to unfold more news about him and his career:


Jeffree Stars was named Jeffree Lynn Steininger at birth, the famous gender bend looking was born in Orange County, California united state of American on the 15th November 1985. While growing up he attended Pacifica High School in Garden Grove, California.

   Jeffree was having a good and love relationship with his family before his life took a new turn at the age 6, when father passes away leaving him to the hands of his mother who is a Model. Being a Model his mother often leaves him at home and go for Modeling jobs by doing this he started developing passion for Makeup soon he was able to convinced his mother to allow him wear makeup to school when he was just in junior high.

  He started getting inspirations for makeup when he started having observation of several cosmetics ads and models in his mother’s fashion magazines, while he was young he usually gets mocked for the way he dresses but jeffree doesn’t seem to care as he went deeper and deeper everyday to the thing he loves doing.


Jeffree relationship life can’t be left un mentioned as he is a gay who is well happy with that fact, in 2016 he started a romantic relationship with Nathan Schwedt. The duo met through Instagram when Nathan reach out to Jeffrey, although Nathan was accused to be in a relationship with Jeffrey just for his money but the couple seem to care less as Jeffrey often address himself as a wife to Nathan and mom to 5 Pomeranians, the duo together stays in California.


Jeffree Stars career kick off since he was tender, as he is always in his home doing makeup which has been a source of income to him since childhood. He has stated that he usually goes to Hollywood clubs on weekend clad in mini dresses and Skyscraper heels where he often met with many great celebrities who often appreciate his make up skills.

  As soon he started going to Hollywood club he started getting contract for Make up works at the homes of many great celebrities. In 2006 she met with the famous Kelly Osborne in a club in los Angeles, as soon as she met Kelly in Los Angeles she asks him to do her makeup for the BRIT awards which was one of the few things that boasted his fame on social media and of course this also brought many contract to his way. He is one of the freelanced makeup artist at a Mac Cosmetics store.

   Aside the fact that Jeffree is a Makeup guru he is also known for his Music career, he started his Musical career since childhood and he is known for playing instrument. He took music class in school so immediately after his graduation he moved to Los Angeles and started making money through Music and Makeup, he took more interest in Music when his friend Samantha Maloney encouraged him to make music which he yield to.

     His music career was first launched on Myspace where he was able to gather over 25 million plays to his music, with this he was able to gather fame as one of the popular unsigned artist. In 2007 he was advertised as a member of the True colors tour which travelled through 15 cities in the United states and Canada, the tour was launched by the LGBT Logo channel and it lasted till June 8 2007.

   Jeffree first ever debut album was named Beauty Killer which features Young Money and Nicki Minaj which he releases in 2009. He later releases EP which he named Plastic Surgery Slumber party and Cupcakes taste like violence under Popsicle records. Soon in 2015 he appeared in the second version of Kesha’s Music Video Take It Off and he is also known to have collaborated with other Music stars such as Blood on the dance floor, Deuce, Millionaires and Larry Tee.

  He has always had a great passion for cosmetic and ever since he was young he has always had love for make up as a whole, he has always had dreams to own his cosmetic line one day which came to pass in 2014 when he created his Make up line called Jeffree Cosmetic. His cosmetic collections include Beauty killer, eye shadow, palette, skin frost, velour liquid lipsticks and Velour lip scrub, his love for lip stick made him make the lightest weight and Liquid to matte lipstick where he creates new color.

  Jeffree also own a fashion line named Beauty forever, where his collections include T-shirt, tank tops and Headwear’s and he has also review his desire to launch a skin care line soon.

 Jeffree has always been a hard worker since the days when he was using Myspace to the current social media he handles, he seem to always have fun In whatever he does, while he was using Myspace he has over 500,000 subscribers, after the shut down of Myspace he join the YouTube channel in 2006 where he talk about life Makeup and tutorials, his eponymous YouTube channel features beauty looks, beauty products and makeup tutorials, his YouTube channel has earn great amount of subscription and millions of views.


Aside his YouTube career he is also known for his Makeup line and other business, he estimated to worth over $50 million dollars.


  1. When it comes to his trade marks Jeffree is a true ambassador of originality and self love, he also describes his brand as being for anyone who is fearless enough to be their own person.
  2. Jeffree stated that although he was born perfect but he has done some bit of plastic surgery and he has stated the fact that he doesn’t look up to anyone.

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