Top Highest Paid Journalists and Media Personalities In The World

Top Highest Paid Journalists and Media Personalities In The World

Top Highest Paid Journalists and Media Personalities In The World

Journalist and Media Personalities are the reliable source of passing information’s about the event going on around our society. When it comes to giving out necessary entertainment or adequate news going on around then they are the one’s in charge.

 Journalist are the one’s we rely to bring events, air opinion, score interviews with important personalities and information going around the world. Journalist have managed to take their work to different level that as at present they are one of the highest paid profession in the world.

  Speaking of how well journalist are paid, we have few highest paid Journalist in the world and the list are below:

  • Judy Sheindlin

The intelligent and a successful Judy Sheindlin who is known for her brazenly airs in her courtroom and across national daytime television, she is known as the host of the long running television show named Judge Judy. As a matter of fact, Judy is known for her excellent work which has made way to her high income in Journalism, aside the fact that she is one the highest paid Journalist Judy is also one of the most famous Journalist in the world.

  Judy had over 5000 episodes under her belt and she is known to have sold the rights to her show to CBS for $100 million which also added to her annual $47 million salaries which has brought her to the top of the most successful Journalist in the world. In addition, Judy is known to have work as a Journalist for over two decades, her career didn’t only begin on TV, she started as a corporate lawyer for a cosmetics firm before she became a prospective lawyer in New York and then a criminal Judge.

   After much hard work she was promoted to supervising judge in Manhattan’s family court which brought about her reputation of No nonsense Judge which lead to her Popularity, soon she was offered a deal to star in the reality courtroom show which came about the named Judge Judy. As at present she hold the world record for the longest serving judge in the history of court room based programming.

  • Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is known as one of the funniest women on air, she is well known as an American Comedian, actress, producer, writer and television host who is well known for working on the talk show called Syndicated, The Ellen DeGeneres Show which she has been running since 2003. The show first season won 4 out of 11 Daytime Emmy Awards and as at present the show holds a total of 25 Emmy’s.

  As at present her program is one of the most successful programs in viewing history as millions of viewers from every corner of the world often tune to watch her program. The comedy queen regular earn eight figure checks from hosting her show and as at now she is the first woman to be paid $20 million by Netflix to do a comedy special and Ellen earn $87,500,000 in just 2018 alone which makes her the second highest paid Media Personality in the world.

  • Dr Phil McGraw

Dr Phil McGraw is known as one of the highest paid Journalist and Media Personalities in the world, he is a successful American media personality, Psychologist, author and host of the famous television show which he called Dr Phil. He began his successful career in the year 1998 after the famous Oprah brought him on her show in other to show gratitude for his excellent work in his consulting firm which get her ready for her Amarillo Texas Beef trail, a case she eventually won. After that he became very relevant on the show where he offers expert life and relationship advice.

  After a year he published his first book, a certified best seller Life Strategies and soon after he went on to publish three more books which also brought about more fortune to him. Soon after he created a production company and began his own Syndicated TV show which was an advice show, the show began airing on September 2002 and as at present it happens to be the highest grossing show in the world. As at now he is one of the top earners in the industry who’s his whopping salary of $77,500,000 in 2018.

  • Ryan Seacrest

It was a big surprise when Ryan Seacrest became one of the highest paid Journalist in the world, the famous American television host, on air personality and producer who is much recognized as the host of American Idol, singing competition show and as well as American Top 40, a syndicated music countdown shows, he has also been the host on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rocking Eve and he also signed a more permanent deal as a co host of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

   Ryan hard work and consistence as a Media personality has earn him handsomely, as he has managed to move from greatness to greatness. Soon as his career kick off in the early 1990’s he has work from job to job until he got to the point where he became one of the highest paid Journalist in the industry.

  Ryan is also known as the producer of the famous reality series Keeping up with the Kardashian, in 2018 Ryan earned $74,000,000 which evaluated him to be one of the highest paid Journalist in the world as at present.

  • Steve Harvey

He is known as a popular American comedian, author, producer, television host and air personality. He is widely known as the man behind The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Little Big Shorts, Celebrity Family Feud and Family Feud. Harvey is also known to be the host of ShowTime at the Apollo and he has also hosted the Miss Universe Pageant, he has won several awards for his show which includes Emmy Award, Marconi Award and NAACP Image Award.

  In the 80’s he started doing stand up comedy which brought about him being homeless and sleeping in his car but things became right for him when he won a national comedy competition and secured his first concrete gig, soon he went to create and star in his eponymous show and he has also appeared in movies such as The Fighting Temptations and Racing Stripes, he authored the best selling book, Act like a lady and Think like a man.

  Harvey show has generated which established him as one of the most seasoned hosts in the world with $44,000,000 annual salary.

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