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Have you wonder how someone as old as 90 years can still be very gorgeous and good looking? Yes, its exist and Baddie Winkle happens to be the most aged woman who still manage to pull sexiness regardless of her age, she has one the top followers on her Instagram page and as a matter of fact she still manages to drop gorgeous and trending captions on every of her pictures. She one of the people with the highest followers on Instagram thanks to her style and high fashion sense.

    Baddie Winkle who is named Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle has almost 4 million followers on her Instagram and she is known to be one the highly recognized social media influencer all over the world, she has managed to pull fans for herself regardless of her age.

  Read more to know more information’s about the beautiful Baddie Winkle.


The famous and ever beautiful Baddie Winkle was born in Hazard, Kentucky on July 18, 1928. She was named Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle at birth. She has a beautiful childhood and she has always been a beautiful personality from childhood.

  Much information’s has not been revealed about her childhood experience and early life. As well her educational background has been a mystery to her fans even till date.


Baddie Winkle was happily married to her husband and the father of her children who is named Earl George Van Winkle. The duo got married in 1947 after so many years of courtship. The couple union was blessed with beautiful children, grand children and even great grandchildren.

  One of her great grandchildren named Kennedy Lewis was the one who introduced her into wearing different beautiful outfit and she often takes her beautiful pictures and post it on the Gram.

  Other information’s related to her other children and grandchildren are not not revealed.


Baddie Winkle career as an internet personality started at the age of 85, she became famous initially through her social media tag “Stealing your man since 1928 which became a popular tag all over the social media platform. She is well known mostly on Instagram for wearing eccentric clothes, promoting the legalization of medical marijuana and her innuendo.

   Baddie Winkle career was introduced to the eyes of many viewers when she got a help from her great grand daughter who is named Kennedy Lewis to upload an image on Twitter where she was wearing her great granddaughter clothes after this was posted on Twitter she got a follow back from Rihanna which brought about a wide range of crowd to her fan base.

  The internet personality who lived in Knoxville, Tennessee gain 1 million followers in 2015 and she is known to have also appeared on The Today Show, Australia and also in 2015 she appeared as the face of Grit Creative Group where she was used as the face of their website campaign where she dressed as Kurt Cobain, Kate Moss and others.

  Baddie Winkle also kicked off season two of Nicole Richie’s Candidly Nicole on VH1 and she also appeared on the Red Carpet at the Netflix promotion for Orange is the New Black and in 2015 she attended the MTV Video Music Awards as a guest of Miley Cyrus and MTV and also in 2016 she was in the national commercial for Smirnoff Ice Electric Flavors as part of their “Keep it moving” campaign.

  She is well loved for her pictures and videos which often captivate the heart of many of her viewers and often times she is seen collaborating with great brands and highly successful celebrities.


The record breaking Internet Personality is known for her excellent look and as at 2018 she is estimated to stand at $1.3 million.


  1. Baddie Winkle is known for her exotic style and a captivating silver walking stick whom she often holds whenever she stands to post pictures on her Instagram page.
  2. She is the oldest woman to ever handle social media platform in style.

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