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Speaking of someone who is has a combination of gorgeousness and intelligent Catherine Paiz is someone to recon with, she is a well celebrated fitness model and also an aspiring television host. Aside from this great approach she is also known as a YouTube star and also for her appearance in movies such as You Can’t Have It (2017), Lilin’s Brood (2016) and Monday Nights at seven in 2016.

  Catherine Paiz beautiful and attractive look have also brought about her immersive fame on Instagram where she has a high number of great following of almost 6 million followers. Her fame on Instagram have also brought about her greatness in the Modeling world as brands often come up to her for adverts which she has rep well over the years.


The beautiful and ever gorgeous Catherine was named Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz at birth, she was born on august 24 1990 in Montreal, Canada. Catherine use to live with her happy family in Miami before heading to California, Los Angeles in other to be able to pursue her dreams.

   Catherine has two younger brothers and a sister, her brothers are named Ryan and Josh Pain but the identity of her parent and sister has not been revealed.

  As per her education Catherine studies and graduated from St. Louis college in Missouri where she happens to be a stand out basketball player for the university female basketball team. While she was in university Catherine discover that she had not much interest in academic as she prefer to indulge in sports, spending time swimming and also playing volleyball which brought about her great interest in fitness.


Catherine Paiz is was a romantic relationship with Jordan B. Michael who is a famous American actor who is also the son of Donna Jordan, he has two siblings and he was born on 9 February 1987. Catherine use to have a great and happy relationship with Jordan B Michael before she dumps him for her now fiancé Austin McBroom.

As at present Catherine is in a romantic relationship with the famous Austin McBroom who she met while she was in college, as at present the couple have a daughter together whom they named Elle, there daughter was born on May 2016, soon after they had their daughter Elle the couples announced their engagement which was in 2017.

   On February 2018 the couples announced that they are expecting their second child even if fans were expecting the news of marriage but the duo came up with something bigger a new baby. In anticipation of their new born Catherine friend Kylie Jenner planned a gender reveal for Catherine and Austin, Kylie Jenner planned that the confetti would be either pink or blue depending on the gender of the baby although the countdown of the confetti was suspense filled but after the countdown was over and the confetti poppers popped the emergence of the pink streamers confirm they were expecting a girl.

Austin was a little bit disappointed after the gender reveal as he said he knew it will be a girl despite the fact that he really wanted a boy, he burst into tears but he was quickly console by Jenner who put arms arouse him assuring him that that’s God Plan.

  Fans are still much in expectant of the Big day when Catherine and Austin will tie the knot but no one knew if they have secretly get married or the plan is still going underground.


Catherine along with her Sweetheart Austin run a YouTube channel which they named The Ace Family where the duo has managed to earn over 10.5 million subscribers with a consistent weekly upload of 4-5 videos, the duo is known on their channel for posting Challenges, Prank Videos and Videos of their family time.

   Catherine and Austin have once treated their subscribers to a virtual tour of their new LA mansion. Their mansion is a two story mansion which is decorated with white and beige colors is a testament to the amount of wealth and pleasure both Catherine and Austin are enjoying.

  Aside from the joint YouTube channel she run along with his fiancé Catherine is also an Instagram sensation and television host, she has also been involved in a bit of modeling, she is known for modeling for the Azzelia Swimwear and she has also worked at the Arkadia Miami as the VIP Manager.


Although there has been conflict regarding the net worth of both Catherine and her soon to be husband, the couples as been estimated to worth about $5 million dollars.


  1. Catherine Paiz enjoy swimming and she often enjoy most of her free time doing sport related things.
  2. Catherine has a slim body structure and a height of 5ft 6 (168 cm), she weighs around 57kg and her vital statistics reads 34C-25-35.

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