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Matt Ox is known as a young Philadelphia’s famous and well celebrated rap star who has manage to break through into the music industry due to his talent as a rap artist, he is well known for currently making it big with over 10 million spins on Sound Cloud along with his famous band which he called OX Gang, along with his band Matt Ox he has managed to gain a huge sum of over 2 million views in just few weeks.

  Aside his multi talent rap songs and his fame which amassed through his band OX Gang he was also speculated to be a member of the famous hip hop band which is named Working On Dying. Matt Ox is known for entertaining his fans with his captivating rap talent.


The famous Philadelphia Rap star was born on December 13, 2004 in his home town Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the united states. Matt Ox had a little sad experience during childhood when his father committed suicide following a mental illness leaving him in the hands of his mother Laurel who single handily raise him. He was raised by his mother in the Lawn crest neighborhood of Northeast Philly.

 Matt Ox was home schooled by his mother, his mother took a remarkable role in his life as his rap career is supported and sponsored by her. In one of his numerous television interview Matt Ox stated that his career won’t have been successful without the role of his mother. Although information regarding Matt Ox siblings has not been revealed but we are quite sure of his love and mutual understanding he share with his mother.     


Matt Ox career started since childhood all thanks to his captivating look, at a young age he got features in the famous journals and media such as XXLMag, The New York Times and many more, sooner Matt Ox love for music took effect when his uncle started taking him to the studio, this ignite the love for music in the heart of Matt. He has always had great inspiration from notable artist such as Eminem and Marilyn Manson.

   Matt Ox career as a Rap star took a lot of hard work from him and today he is recognized has one of the successful rap star, he started writing his own personal rap song when he was 8 years old and as at the time he clocks 11 he has managed to take his career as a rap star to a greater level which made him release his first album which he titled “Pretty Penny” which was release on January 2017.

  Thanks to Matt OX extra ordinary talent, great rap star like Chxpo, Lil Tracy and Swami Mags has been able to jump on his songs and more to it Matt Ox has also worked with great and named producers such as OogieMane and Forza who is in charge of making his track which he titled Low key a success, the track was released on February 2017 also followed with great songs such as Michael Myers, This N That and Problem Child.

    As of today Matt Ox is known for his viral and famous single which he titled Overwhelming which was played over 10,000 times for the first time on Sound cloud and its music video was directed by public Cinema Club (Pipus and Kendra) which also gained over 19 million views on YouTube. In addition to its great success the single also drew much attention from publications like The New York Times and XXL magazines.

  As of September 2017 Matt Ox signed to the popular American entertainment company Warner Bros Records which was best known as the home of great artist like the famous Lil Pump, MadeinTYO, iLoveMakonnen, and PartyNextDoor. As soon as Matt Ox join the label he has been able to release great and interesting track such as Youngest Coming UP and Messages and his newest single include Athlete, Yeah Yeah and Deposit.


Matt Ox single which he releases in 2017 made a great hit, the single is titled Overwhelming, this song push him out to a greater fame and thanks to that he has been able to add a great income to his previous earning. As at present Matt Ox is estimated to worth the sum of about $150000.


  1. Matt Ox is also a businessman aside from being a successful rap star. He sells t shirts through the working on Dying website and he also head the Ox gang crew.
  2. Matt Ox admitted that he has a lot of haters but as it he doesn’t care about people opinion in as much as he is able to make money from his career.
  3. Matt Ox was reportedly to have turn down contracts with Meek Mill and also from Lil Uzi Vert and according to report he had rejected contract with Meek Mill simply because he wanted people to talk about him and not about Meek Mill.

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