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Chloe Lukasiak is a well celebrated multitalented star who is well known as an actor, dancer, model, fashion designer, writer and many other great things you could imagine. Aside all this great talent is that she is also a writer and Fashion expert. With all this great attribute you can’t imagine nothing but success from someone who possess it.

  She initially became famous after she made appearance in the reality television series which is named Dance Moms. She has managed to attain success in the wall of her career, thanks to her hard work and consistence.


The famous and talented actress was named Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak, she was born on May 25, 2001 in Churchill, Pennsylvania, the most interesting fact about Chloe is that her father named her Chloe after Chloe Dancer. Chloe has a younger sister who is named Clara. Along with Clara she was raised by her parent in Pennsylvania.

  Her mother Is named Christi Lukasiak and her father named Marc Lukasiak, her father works in the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Chloe became a dancer at the age of two when she started attending dancing classes at the Abby Lee Dance, soon she expanded her dancing skills and soon start performing in Musical Theatres. Chloe was the dancer who started the #NobodyisYou anti bullying campaign, she attended her high school online.


Chloe Lukasiak was in a relationship with Ricky Garcia who is the star of Forever in Your Mind, the duo met in 2015 at the Radio Disney Musical awards before they started dating afterwards.

 The duo relationship was the center of attention for many as they seem so cute together but everything went soar after a year and they duo had to end their cute relationship but as much as the duo are not together they still manage to keep a health friendship.


Chloe Lukasiak career kick off when she was barely 10 years of age when she made it as the cast of the popular show named Dance Moms where she appeared along with her mother and as well with Abby Lee Miller who owns the Abby Lee Dance, she was cast on the show till 2011 when her mother decided it was not healthy for her to continue as a comment made against the singer eyes by Abby Lee Miller which was said to have cause Chloe a health Problems.

  After Chloe departure from Dance Mom she decided to continue with YouTubing as well her dancing career, her YouTube channel was launched in 2010 and as at present it has earned over 1.2 million subscribers and close to 200 million views, she is also known to have appeared on several musical videos such as Forever in your mind’s wrapped up for Christmas and Bianca Ryan’s Alice.

  In 2017 she made her first debut as an actress when she appeared in the movie A Cowgirls story and she also appear in Loophole, soon she also became a part of the short movie which was titled Beautiful Scars and 2018 she appeared on F.R.E.D.I Sunday Mornings and The message. She also has a web series Chloe Does it which she began in 2017. 

  Chloe is also a writer who is known to have published her book in 2018 which is titled Girl on pointe: Chloe’s Guide to talking on the world.


Chloe is a girl who is known to have made great impact in her career, as expected she has gain a great success for herself and as at present she is estimated to worth $6 million.


  1. Chloe is known to have won many award due to her excellent role in the entertainment world such as the Teen choice awards in 2015 and she was also selected for the choice dancer.
  2. Chloe won the Industry Dance Awards for the Dancer’s Choice Awards 2015 favorite dancer 17.
  3. Chloe has a height of 5 ft 7 and a body weight of 54 kg and her body measurement are 31-22-32

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