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Writing about someone with multiple talent, Paige Hyland is one with a great intelligent and who also possess many talent, he is well known for making appearances on the dance reality show which is called Dance Moms, which also feature her older sister, the television show brought about her fame and as at present Paige Hyland isn’t just a dancer but a YouTube star and a Model.

   Paige Hyland got a golden chance to dance at the Dance Mom at the age of nine prior to a misunderstanding between her mother and Abby Lee dance company, a firm which is known to have trained Paige Hyland towards her perfection in dancing, Paige mother had accused Abby of not giving her daughter enough opportunity to explore her talent.

  After Paige Hyland left the show Dance Mom she immediately re activated her YouTube account where she immediately starts getting thousands followers which includes her fans from Dance Moms.

 As at present Paige is known for her YouTube channel where she has gain immersive followers and still growing.


Paige Hyland who is known for her brilliant talent as a Dancer was born on November 1, 2000 in Pennsylvania, in the united states. She is a native of Murrysville, she of Irish, English, French and German root and as well her nationality is American.

  Paige Hyland is the last child in the family of three, she was raised in a family who is very passionate about dancing, her father is named Randy Hyland and her mother is named Kelly Hyland who is a professional dancer and performer of the Abby Miller Dance company for over three decades.

  Paige has two siblings who are named Brooke Hyland and Josh Hyland, Josh is also a famous dancer who is also well celebrated for her talent as a dancer, she is also an avid hockey player and having dance as a member of the trio Paige with Chloe Lukasiak and Mr touch down.

  Paige Hyland is also someone who is interested in education as she is currently getting education at Franklin Regional High School which is situated in Murrysville, Pennsylvania and Paige has once note her fans that she aspires to study political science in the university.


Paige Hyland was in a romantic relationship with Nick Kelly until 2017, the duo was known for their on/off relationship which brought about unnecessary attentions from both the media and her fans. The duo is known for always breaking up and coming back but as expected by their fans that duo will be coming back after their break up in 2017 but till date the couples seem to have move on from each other and now consider them selves as ex.


The dancer is known for her talent as a great dancer who appeared on Dance Mom, she is known for earning hugely and as at present she is estimated to worth $2 million which comes from her earning both on Internet and Television.


  1. She is well known for her talent as a dancer, model and social media personality as she is known to earn most of the things that takes to stand out in the beauty world.
  2. She stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches which is equivalent to 1.73 meters.

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