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Casey Simpson love for talking since childhood is not deniable one of the great factor that brought his wide fame in the movie industry, he started acting as soon as he was three years old and since his appearance in movie he has manage to achieve nothing but greatness in every role he portrays.

  As a child he has always been a celebrity and even as he starts getting older nothing as change all thanks to his passion for acting. Although Casey Simpson might be very young but that doesn’t stop him for pursuing more greatness for himself in his career.


Casey Simpson was born on April 6, 2004 in Los Angeles, California. He Is known for his quick attribute and love for acting at early age, he began featuring in movies since the age of three.

  The star was born into a family filled with love, he has just one sibling who is named Sabrina who was born on March 22, 1998. Although the names of his parent are not revealed but he often posts and share his experience with them on his Social media platform.

 Although Casey Simpson educational experience is not revealed but he is also passionate about education and often embrace learning.


As expected Simpson is a handsome and famous personality, of course many will be interested in him and for that fact he has also been involve in one or two relationship scandals. He has sometimes been linked with several girls such as Mackenzie Ziegler in 2016 and also in 2017 he was linked with Jayden Bartels.

  As a matter of fact, Casey Simpson have never admitted to be romantic involve with anyone until today. He is perhaps single and we hope to bring information about his love life as soon as they unfold.


Casey Simpson started his career as an actor at a young age of three, in 2007 he made a grand entry into the movie world when he landed in a gig frank TV in a comedy skit named Santa, he got this opportunity when his mother took him along with his sister who was an aspiring actress to try a local acting agency, Simpson talent was immediately recognized by some agents who worked there while he talked with them and Casey was signed to the agency although his sister was the aspirant.

 Simpson is known to have appear on countless commercials such as Demi Moore’s Lifetime television movie five 2011, ABC’s The Goldberg’s 2014 and he has also appeared in films such as Memoria 2014, Bukowski 2015, Escape from Mr Lemoncello’s Library 2017 as well as a voice role in Despicable Me 2 in 2013. In the year after he appeared in the lead character as Ricky Harper on the hit Nickelodeon series, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn from 2014 till present alongside Mace Coronel Aiden Gallagher and Lizzy Greene.

 While he was taking a role as Ricky on the Nickelodeon series, Simpson started building a social media world for himself and as soon as 2015 he launched his account where he is known for posting hilarious videos, due to his brilliant videos he became a Phenom with over 5 million fans. On his he is also known for his slick dance moves and impressive lip-syncing which brought about his huge followers. Simpson is also known on his Instagram account where he has managed to pull a lot of crowd and as at present he has amassed himself over 8 million followers.  


Casey Simpson is known for his numerous appearance in movies and along with that he is known for owning his personal and YouTube channel. As a present he is estimated to worth over $500,000.


  1. When he connects with his fans on social media he loves to sing and also play sports.
  2. Since childhood he loves memorizing even if it means learning on his own, he knows the 44 US president by heart and can say the alphabet backward and even the sate and capitals.
  3. Simpson love to solve riddles. He loves raping and in the future he might come with something great for his fans.

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