Cree Cicchino

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Cree Cicchino


Cree Cicchino is a well personified American actress as well as a talented dancer who hit the face of the world with her role in the famous television move Game Shakers. The great actress has always had dream to become a great dancer but as faith will have it she managed to attain fame and success in both acting and dancing.

She had started her dancing classes since she was as young as four years old. She enrolls in dancing class and she has once stated how much of an interest she has for dancing.


The famous American dancer and actress was born in Queens, New York City, U.S on May 9 2002. She was born into the family of Kris Cicchino and Lori Cicchino. She has a twin sister who is named Jayce Cicchino who is also a talented dancer.

It was reported that Jayce who is Cree twin sister was born a minute before Cree, the two share a cordial relationship and they often post for pictures together which they usually post on their social media platform, they both stay with their parent in New York.

Cree Cicchino

However, information’s related to Cree education and her childhood experiences has not been revealed but it was stated by Cree that her mother has been her source of strength even since her childhood as she was the one who introduced her to singing classes and she often took her to dance classes and a sketch comedy class which has helped her develop the needed versatility in the entertainment industry as a whole.


Cree Cicchino is the kind of person who respect privacy and as much as we might dig deep into her personal life Cree is not the type that brings her relationship or love interest to the media.

Cree Cicchino relationship is not in the open which has not been able to make people decide if she is single or not.


Cree Cicchino career started with the help of her mother who initially introduced her to acting when she registered her into a comedy group and at that period when she got started, she started developing passion for acting all credited to her mother great passion for her, as at present she has started developing greatness in acting and she is well known for her famous role in the comedy series which is titled Game Shakers on Nickelodeon where she appeared as the lead role of Babe Carano.

Cree Cicchino

Cree Cicchino learning did not end in taking acting classes as she also took some singing lessons, she has stated that while she was younger she has always had dream to become a big singer and dancer like the famous Rihanna, she is also on YouTube and recently she posted her dancing video on the platform.

In the year 2015 Cree hosted the famous Nickelodeons ultimate Halloween costume party, Nickelodeon’s Ho Ho Holiday special and Henry Danger. In the future Cree plan to feature more in movies, shows and even have an album launch.

Aside the fact that Cree is very talented in acting and dancing she is also a very active social media user, she run a YouTube channel and as well own an Instagram account where she often post her dancing videos.


Cree is very new to the entertainment world and as of present her net worth has not been estimated as it is still yet to come to the notice of people how much she earns.


  1. In one of her numerous interview she spoke about her role in the movie which brought about her stardom and here is what she has to say

“I play Babe in Game Shakers. Who is a strong, Independent, tough New Yorker chick who loves going on crazy adventures? She loves her friends and is more than happy to drag them along on her crazy plans and get them out of trouble. Babe is wild and a whirlwind to portray.”

  1. Cree is known as a life of the party as she loves partying, going on field trips with friends, singing, writing articles on her social media pages, drawing and riding horses. She is also a lover of animal and she also support the fight against animal cruelty.

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