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Tomi Lahren


Tomi Lahren might seem young but she is known as a bundle of talent, she is a conservative political commentator who became a center of attention when she covered the shooting in Chattanooga on July 2015 where an incident where a gunman opened fire leaving 5 which includes a Navy Sailor dead. She became famous when the clip of her height light coverage became outrage and rant at the then president Barack Obama went Viral immediately.

After her clips went viral many of her show have also sparked many criticisms and are often the talk of the town such as Attacking Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Speech, slamming Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime performance to suing her employer, The Blaze Network. She is known as a master of word as she never walks away from the facts.

For a certain fact many people have been very interested in knowing who the 21 years’ intelligent personality is and how she has been able to achieve so much at a young age.


The young and successful political commentator was born in Rapid City, South Dakota on August 11, 1992, she was raised in a strict military home and she has once stated in one of her interviews that her success is credited to her parent who push her towards greatness earlier in life.

Her great interest for politics is fueled from her home and she stated that most of her family dinner night is always filled with politics remarks.

She studied at the Central High School in the South Dakora where she became the student body president and school board representative, after her schooling at the central high school she then enrolled at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where she was the first associate producer and host of the varsity Television Political roundtable show “The Scramble”. Lahren graduated from college in 2014.


As a matter of fact, no one will see the famous Young Political commentator Lahren and not be interested in her aside the fact that she is beautiful she is also very intelligent. She was first linked to the famous Jerad Christian who is a Navy Seal, it was stated by the Daily Mail that it was her relationship with Jerad that trigger her to the emotional rant at Obama for not providing enough security for the American warriors.

She met her boyfriend Jerad during her stay in San Diego where she was working for OANN, the duo met during a night out on February 2015, Tomi is known for often posting him on her Instagram account where she once posted a shirtless photo of Jerad and made a captioned which says “On this man crush Monday. God bless American. Enough said” the picture which later disappear on her page.

Soon after Tomi was later linked with Chase McNary the famous The Bachelorette second runner up but when McNary was interviewed by the Us Weekly, he stated that he was single.

While speaking of his relationship with Tomi he stated to the US Weekly that “We were talking for about two weeks, but we weren’t in the same place, so we went our separate ways. I have nothing bad to say about her. She is a great girl.”

Of recent Tomi Lahren took to her Instagram on 2019 valentine to celebrate her love which posted a picture with and caption the picture “Fame is fleeting. Money comes and goes. Love trumps all of it. My hope for 2019 is you all find someone who loves you in all the ways you deserve to be loved. Ya never know what a Friday night outing to a dive bar can turn into. Keep the faith. Your person is out there and they may be reading this too, thinking there’s no hope. There is” with the hashtag Valentines day. with this post fans went to her comment section to congratulate her on her found love, although the identity of her lover remain a misery but we hope it ends well.

Tomi Lahren


Tomi Lahren career started in 2014 after she graduated from college when she has to work as an intern on Republican Congresswoman Kristi Noem’s Rapid City office, she had great experience here where she discovers she had great interest for political commentary. In her bid for internship jobs in political commentary, Lahren stumbled upon a new San Diego based One American news network OANN, she sent her application and she was invited for an interview which went well and she was offered the chance to begin her own TV show instead of starting an internship with job she initially applied for.

Tomi accepted the offer and she then moved to San Diego to launch her show which she titled “On Point with Tomi Lahren” in 2014. All thanks to her boldness and intelligence her show made round in a short period and she started earning success, of course her success came with many haters. With a period of one year she spent on OANN on august 2015 she announced her exist from the show.

Tomi Lahren

On November 2015 she started a new show on the Blaze, a new network established by former Fox News Host Glenn Beck, as soon as she joins the show she started making great recognition in a short period all credit to the controversial “Final Thoughts” segment on the show. On the show where she criticized Beyoncé’s Super Bowl half time Black Lives Matter movement themed performance.

On January 2016 lahren endorsed Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio but later switch camps to real estate magnate Donald Trump. Soon Tomi became an unofficial adviser to the social media team on the Trump Presidential Campaign, she campaigned highly for the Trump and is credited for making youths familiar with Trumps policies, after the success of Trumps Lahren appeared on the Fox News to speak about her involvement in the presidential campaign and Trump also called her to express his gratitude and she told Washington Magazine. She stated “He called and said ‘Thank you for your fair coverage of me.”

Tomi major career high light also hit the world when she appeared on The daily show with Trevor Noah on November 2016 where she discussed her involvement with Black Lives matter and why she slammed Colin Kaepernick for protesting racism by kneeling during the national anthem before every game.

In 2017 Lahren appeared on the View and became her own undoing when she said that she was pro choice and a supporter of abortion right, she defended her opinion by stating that;

“I’m someone that’s for limited government. So I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies.”

This statement came as a surprise to majority of her fans which made the Blaze suspended her show and asked that she goes dark on Facebook where she had over 4 Million followers.

Lahren doesn’t seem to be happy with Blaze decision and filed a lawsuit against The Blaze for wrongful termination but Blaze fire back saying she is not fired but suspended, the two party later settle their scores on May and parted ways which resulted Lahren removing all videos related to The Blaze.

On June 2017 she gave her first magazine interview after she left The Blaze explaining her view after the whole saga. On July 2017 Lahren works with a pro Trump Nonprofit Advocacy group, great American. The group aims to mobilize grassroots support for President Trumps agenda which is chaired by the former House speaker Newt Gingrich and former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani.


While she was working with The Blaze she was earning a monthly salary of $16,000. She is estimated to worth $3 million.


  1. Tomi has stated that she will be returning to the TV as a commentator on Dallas News.
  2. Tomi is quite intelligent as she is also known as a people person, she has a high number of fans who are deeply in love with her.


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