Emma Chamberlin

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Emma Chamberlin


Emma Chamberlin who use to be very active in school sports and as well as athletic events is also well known to have participated in numerous tracks and race but today she is well known for her love for social media business. She has managed to pull a great attention due to her online career.

Today Emma is known as a YouTube star who has a different great approach in the way she satisfies her audience, she is known as a fashion star and also a creative internet star who has been able to acquire a wide range of fame due to her way of entertaining her fans. Read below to reveal more interesting information about the Fashionista.


Chamberlin was born on May 22, 2001 in the United state. She was name Emma Francis Chamberlin during birth. Her father is an oil paint artist who is named Michael Chamberlain, although the name of her mother is not revealed but she has been featured in many of her YouTube video.

Emma Chamberlin

She received her high school education at Dame High School, Belmont but she has to drop out after a while, she lives and was raised in San Carlos, California where she completed her elementary education. She spoke about how she uses to have difficulties in making new friends while she was in school which prompt her to drop out, it has been gathered that she only had the strength to pursue her career which has amount to a great success today only after she left school.


Emma Chamberlin is one of the most lucrative and profession YouTube star who has managed to turn her talent for YouTubing into a great success. She started her career officially in 2016 when she launched her YouTube channel and posted her first video in 2017 which she titles City Inspired Summer Look book, the video which turn out to be a great success for her and also set her path into countless opportunities as at today the video happens to be a viral video on the internet which is still earning more views as day passes by.

Aside from her viral video she has manage to attract many more followers as she has keep uploading great video which includes “Road trip alone, we all owe the dollar store an apology, meeting my real parents, why I left school, trying to do my eyebrows for the first time, are all littered on YouTube channel.

She has acquired thousands of subscribers and she is well known for posting DIY’s, Travel, Fashion Styles, Haul and lifestyle vlogs and aside for being famous on YouTube she is also a social media celebrity who has gain a high number of followers on her various social media platform.

Emma Chamberlin


Its reported that Chamberlin has manage to acquire a high range of wealth from her business sources although her salary is yet to be revealed but she estimated to worth $1 million.


  1. Emma Chamberlin has gain some amount of recognition in her career and ever since she had her breakthrough she has been nominated for the “Breakout YouTube Star at the 2018 Annual Shorty Awards.


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