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Safiya Nygaar


Safiya Nygaar is an exceptional Multi talented star who is known for being an expect in every of her career choice. She has made a great recognition as a YouTube star, Writer, Actress, Comedian and Video producer, she became the center of attention to many faces when she joins the BuzzFeed where she is known for covering issues and information related to Politics, Animals, Do it yourself ideas and Business. All this put together with her great interest for fashion made her one of the social media star we have in the world. She is a known vlogger as well a Fashion designer.

Knowing fully well how to pull a wide crowd and make a great name, today Nygaar is one of the famous stars we have in the world. Read more for interesting information you need to know about her.


The famous Safiya Nygaar was born in Chicago, Illinois on July 16, 1992. She is of Caucasian, Hispanic, South Asian, Native American and Middle Eastern descent. She is a Muslim and while she was growing she spoke about how she uses to be a fan of Harry Porter and till date nothing has change, she is also a lover of Pop Culture.

Safiya Nygaar

Nygaar has a special bond with her mother who is named Mumtaz Nygaar, from the look of her relationship with her mother its obvious that she is raised from a lovely family although the names of her siblings are yet to be disclosed but it is expected as she is young and yet to start revealing personal information’s of herself.

Safiya studies at the Whitney M. Young Magnet high school, during her high school days she was very active in the group “The Young Company and CPS Advanced Art Education Programme in Theatre Arts” after she graduated from high school in 2010 she moves to a higher learning when she started studying at Stanford University where she graduated with a BA in Drama, English in 2014. To have more knowledge about entertainment she enrolls at the Ram’s Theatrical Society: Gaities head writer, director and assistant producer.


Safiya Nygaar is in a romantic relationship with Tyler Williams whom she started dating immediately after she left High School, the duo has been spotted hanging out in the Disneyland California.

Although the couple have been dating for a long while but there has never been a speculation of break up or relationship scandals.


Safiya Nygaar career started immediately after she finish college, she started her career as a web series which she named Tiger Dad Comedy. She wrote, directed and produced the content of the comedy series which became a huge success.

Safiya Nygaar

In 2015 she joined the BuzzFeed as a video production intern and soon started becoming a video fellow and video producer in a short period of time. She had a great time in BuzzFeed which open opportunity for her as she works as a co founding member and co-creator of the series Ladylike which was instrumental in helping the BuzzFeedYellow channel which manage to reach a high number of over 1.7 million active subscribers.

She works with BuzzFeed for two years before she left on January 27, 2017, she spoke about her exist from BuzzFeed to her fans on her Instagram as she reveals she will now be working fully on her YouTube channel.

She Is known on YouTube for uploading Fashion, Beauty, DIY’s tutorial challenges and other related content, although she only post on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday even with the fact that she doesn’t post regularly on her YouTube channel she has gain over 4.1 million followers on her YouTube channel.

Aside from being a YouTube star she is also known to have made appearance in Hollywood Movies such as TMI 2015 and she was also in the making of Revenge of the commodes episodes for Bitch Please as a production assistant in 2015.


Safiya is known for her gorgeous body and a great height, she stands at 5 feet 10 inches.


Although Safiya net worth is known really known but she is estimated to worth around $500,000


She is a Cat lover and she has a Cat whom she named Crusty. She shares a special bond with her cat and even have a story feed specially made for the cat on her Instagram page.


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