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Patti Ann Browne


Patti Ann Browne is known for her deep passion for journalism and for that great fact she has manage to stay adequate and relevant in the journalism world for over 25 years, Patti Ann is well recognised by her great impact in journalism and of course the darlings of many lover of Fox News. Her success and consistence as a public figure is all credited to her hard work and intelligence.

Patti Ann Brown success over the years have had people wonder how one person can manage to stay on top of her game for a very long period of time.


The famous and Intelligent Journalist was born in Bayside, Queens, New York on September 10, 1965. Although she had a little bit of difficult while growing up as she experiences a scarlet fever while she was age 14 but she manages to survive it.

Browne is the third child of her parent and she has three siblings, Patti has a twin sister who look almost like her and a younger sister who prefer to have a low profile. Although the information regarding her family is not known but she appears to be a family oriented personality. As per education experience she is recorded to attend St. Francis Preparatory School in New York city but she started to develop passion for journalism since she was a child as she moves on to attend Fordham University of New York City where she graduated with a bachelor degree in Communications.

As soon as she finished from Fordham University she moves to acquire a Master degree in Communication Arts from the New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury, New York.


Patti Ann Browne is happily married to the love of her life who is a professional photographer named Mike Browne, together the both have a son who was born prematurely on July, 2005 named Connor Browne.

Browne is known for her deep love for her family as she has sometimes cut her work schedule just to spend quality time with her husband and son.


Patti Ann Browne career started while she was in Fordham University as she worked as a news presenter and a co-host on an Irish music show for radio WFUV-FM, soon after that she move ahead to report for NYIT’s evening news show LI News Tonight which won her a FOLIO award.

Browne started her career professionally when she began to work as a news reader and writer for radio WLIM-Am in long island, soon after that she move ahead to work in WLIG TV 55 where she anchored numerous shows and also directed News Programs.

Soon after Browne join the News 12 as a general assignment reporter with a job description which often requires her to spend years out in the field which covers major stories in New York City and in 1993 she was ground for a live reporting on the investigation after the 1993’s world trade center.

Patti Ann Browne

Browne made her next professional work at the MSNBC as a full time anchor for 3 years on the roll, she hosted the Morning Line on Weekends where she got to interview Tim Russert Live every Sunday. She joined the Fox News Live headline, News updates and Fills in as a host for shows in 2000 and she also anchored hourly news updates for the Fox News Radio Network.

Browne was also the guest panelist at the Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld on Fox News and on Fox early morning show which was titled Fox and Friends First.


Although Patti Browne salary Is not really confirmed but she is estimated to worth $3 million


  1. Patti Ann Browne have a great interest in water skiing, Jogging, Yoga, Classic rock and Jive dancing.
  2. Browne was named one of the Irish American Media Top 30 by the National newspaper “The Irish Voice” and she also served as Aide to Grand Marshal of the Glen Cove Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in 1997.
  3. Patti acquire a full scholarship through teacher assistantship which promote her to study at New York Institute of Technology where she received her Masters degree.

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