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Trisha Paytas


YouTubing has been a great means to acquire success in the recent days and Trisha Paytas is one of the few who have manage to acquire a wide fame through the use of YouTubing where she has been to explore her talent after she launched her YouTube channel which she named blndsundoll4mj which she launched in 2007.

In the little period she has manage to gather millions of subscriber all thanks to her creativity which has brought about her immersive success today.


Trisha Paytas was born on May 8, 1988 in Riverside, California, she is of Hungarian descent, although she has difficult while growing up as she has to move from one location to the other and things became a little complicated when her parent divorce in 1991 causing Trisha to move in with her mother to Illinois where she was raised.

Trisha later move to California at the age of fifteen where she lives with father and brother, when she arrived at California she enroll in a Catholic online school program but she did not stay long as she move back to live in Illinois with her mother after a year she left.

Paytas is known for her constant passion for success since childhood and she is known to have left home at age eighteen when she moved to L.A to pursue her career.


Trisha Paytas is a very beautiful and of course center of attention for many, of course many man will be attracted to her. Trisha has been romantically involved with numerous man such as David Lipper, Phil Varone, Anthony Michael Hall, Dale DaBone, Roger Bart, Crispin Glover although none of this relationship were confirm by her.

In 2015 she started a romantic relationship with Sean Van der Wilt who is a Choreographer but sooner the relationship hit the rock but a year after she open up on how the love was a one sided one as Sean never love her

Trisha Paytas.

She was later linked to the famous Aaron Carter and in 2017 she was linked with Dolph Ziggler who is a WWE wrestler, she spoke about her set up date, she reviews that she had sex with him a year earlier and that she felt she would find love in him again but he left her hanging.


Paytas career started at the age of eighteen when she left home to L.A in other to pursue her career in acting, on getting to L.A she worked as a stripper, an extra and a professional lingerie model but soon after she started getting major roles and she also appeared on major shows.

Paytas made 45 TV appearance which includes America’s Got Talent, The Ellen DeGeneres show, My Strange Addiction, Dr Phil and many others. Paytas was the plastic surgery girl on the Modern Family in 2011 and she also played Davidson’s wife in Jennifer Anistons 2012 film Wanderlust, her role doesn’t just end there as she has also appeared on numerous musical video for great artist such as Amy Winehouse and Eminem.

Paytas YouTube career took effect on January 2007 when she launched her YouTube channel which she named blndsundoll4mj where she is known for posting videos such as daily activities, songs, her favorite Junks and many more. Her YouTube has managed to grow immersive within a short period of time and as at present she has been able to acquire three million subscribers.

Trisha Paytas

In 2014 she launched her second YouTube channel where she posted videos related to comedy skit, food challenge and so many more as of present the video has received millions of subscribers, same in 2014 she dived into music as she releases seven Eps which include Superficial Bitch, Daddy Issues, Under The Covers, Showtime, Chicken Fingers and Lipo, Warrior and Fat Chicks.

In 2016 she made appearance on an episode of to Tell the Truth as an imposter for the creator of the selfie stick and she also became a housemate on celebrity Big Brother 20 in 2017.


Paytas is calculated to worth $1,600 per day and $590,000 per year on her YouTube channel and on her Vlogging channel she is generated to earn over $340 per day.

Paytas net worth is estimated to worth $2.5 million.


  1. Paytas as once attempted to break the worlds fastest talker record on Guinness World Records Unleashed but she was not successful at it.
  2. Paytas is also into writing and she is known to have written books which she sells on Amazon.


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