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Azzyland is a famous YouTube star who is well recognized for her special approach towards her YouTube video making.

Among billions of YouTube users Azzyland is one of the few that are highly recognized. she is a Canadian Vlogger who has become famous for creating gaming content.

Her not so rampant style in making video has been the reason she is one of the most loved YouTuber, who has acquire a wider fan. Here is all you need to known about the famous YouTube star.


The famous YouTube star was born on February 23, 1991 in Canada which happens to be her home town. She was named Azra Bajrami at birth.

Although she was born in Canada but she was brought up in Toronto in a crowded environment.


While growing up Azzyland use to be very lonely which resulted her to playing video games as an escape route for boredom.

Although she was raised along with her sister but she finds comfort and fun playing video games, which she initially learns from her father and uncle who are used to playing Nintendo Games.

Azzyland is also paramount about education as she attends the Wilfrid Laurier University where she had a major in Chemistry and Biology.


Azzyland is in a romantic relationship with Jordi Van Den Bussche whom she met in the E3 gaming conference where she was invited to.

Shortly after the conference rumors started speculating that the two are dating but the news was later confirmed as the duo couldn’t keep it a secret anymore.

Jordi Van Den Bussche is also a famous YouTube star who is behind the channel Kwebbelkop, the duo relationship has taken a great and better turn as they both live together in Spain.


Azzyland career started while she was in University, usually she loves playing video games which prompt her to start her own YouTube channel. She became famous for posting cosplay videos and various unique content, which she often posts on her channel.

Her channel initially became famous when she decided to break a twerking record in what she named TWERKATHON, she promised her fans that she will be twerking for 24 hours, this pulled a lot of followers who are curious if this is going to be achieved or not.

Although Azzyland couldn’t meet up with the 24 hours she promised her fans but she was able to stick to her word by recording a video which lasted 23 hours and 28 mins, although thousands of people believe that the video is fake pointing to the fact that she rewound many times but the video manage to achieve is purpose and barely a year after the video pulled over 10 million views and a wide range of subscribers.

Azzyland YouTube channel also receive a high popularity when she promised her subscribers that as soon as she hit a million subscribers she will make a nude video of herself, this made many to subscribe to her channel, as expected she kept to her promise but she only made a blurred nude video of herself to satisfy her fans.

The YouTube channel which she opens in 2014 as at present have earn her over 4 million subscribers and close to 1 billion views in a short period of time.


The Canadian born YouTube star is well known for her gaming videos. As of present she is estimated to worth $7 million.



  1. Her close and addicted fans often refer to themselves as citizens of Azzyland.
  2. Aside the fact that Azzyland is very famous on her YouTube channel, she is also well noted on Instagram platform where she refers herself as the Queen of Awkward Situation.
  3.  She has gain over a million followers on her Instagram account.

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