Whitney Scott Matters

Whitney Scott Matters Bio, Career, Relationship with father Eminem, Net Worth, Family

Whitney Scott Matters


Whitney Scott Matters is well known as the daughter of the famous Eminen who is an American Successful Rapper. The most interesting part of his relationship with his adopted daughter is that she happens to be the biological daughter of one of Eminems high school girlfriend who is name Kimberly Ann Scott and her partner Eric Hartter.

Whitney Scott Matters is well known for her deep relationship with her father and her sister as well. Her father fame has been one of the greatest fact which has brought about her fame.


The famous Whitney Scott Matters was named Whitney Laine Scott and she was born on April 16, 2002 in United State of American. Matters was born into the family of Eric Hartter and Kimberly Ann Scott. She has two siblings who are named Alaina Marie Matters and Hailie Scott Matters.

Although Whitney is Kim’s daughter from a previous relationship and Alaina is Kim’s sister Dawns daughter from another relationship. After Dawn pass away in 2016, both Kim and Enimen who was named Marshall Bruce Matters III at birth has become Alaina’s legal guardians.

Whitney Scott Matters

Matters has two cousins who are named Adam Scott and Patrick Scott. She spent most of her life in St. Joseph Missouri. Matters biological father is an ex convict and has face several drug charges in the past. Eminen had to adopt her in 2002 because her mother is also a troublesome personality who is also addicted to taking drugs.


Whitney happens to be one of the few celebrities who is never ready to reveal her personal life on the social media platform. She is often in the believe of never letting out her personal life on the social media platform.


Whitney Scott Matters is famously known as the daughter of Eminen who is a  famous American Rapper. Matters is very young and as expected she is currently focused on her educational activities.

Matter father who is Eminen is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer and actor. Her father Eminen has numerous hit which includes Encore, Relapse, Rolling Stone, Recovery, The Marshall matters LP2 and more.


Whitney is still a young girl and it is hard to measure her net worth as she is yet to start working professionally but her father has managed to earn a high success in his career.

Whitney Scott Matters

Eminen is estimated to worth $190 million. In 2010 alone he made over $10 to $15 million.


  1. Matters is the daughter of Eminem Ex wife, Kimberly and her boyfriend, Eric hartter. Kim had an affair with her boyfriend while she was still married to Eminem. In 2006 Eminen rekindle his relationship and that was when Eminen adopt Whitney.

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