David Laid

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David Laid


David Laid career as a Fitness Model and Body Builder as brought about his fame all around the social media platform. He is known as a Northern European Country fitness personality who has manage to gain huge success in his chosen career. Aside the fact that David is an expert when it comes to fitness, he is also a model. He has managed to gain a high following on his Instagram page all thanks to his looks and knowledge in fitness and body building.

Laid has a YouTube channel where he often posts Fitness and as at present he has earned over 850,000 subscribers.


The Fitness expert David Laid was born on January 29, 1998. He was born in Estonia to mother who is named Nino an origin of Russia. David had a tragic experience during childhood when he lost his father due to accident, which prompt his mother to move to the United State, they all settle in Atlantic where he had his High school.

David Laid

David studied at the Mainland Regional High School. David had a rapid growth which made him a target for bullies which eventually took effect on his self esteem. To make things harder he was later diagnosed with scoliosis, a medical condition which resulted in a sideways curvature of his spine.

Due to this illness he was advice medically to start weight training with a physical therapist in order to avoid the severe consequences of the condition. This was what motivated him into gaining muscle mass, due to the excellent work of the fitness he eventually became passionate about fitness which brought about his huge success today.


David Laid career started after he was diagnosed with scoliosis which prompt him into fitness. He later became passionate about it and decided to make it a life time investment. During the period when he was planning to build his body he started watching online body transformation video in other to build his body.

David Laid

Laid career was inspired by fitness expert such as Marc Fitt, Hodge twins and Jeff Seid.

All thanks to the little childhood experience today has manage to transform from that pale kid to a Fitness expert who is known all around the world. Laid is well known for the way he often showcases on his body which has brought about his success in the Fitness world.

Aside the fact that he has blow off the internet with his insane body he has also collaborated with many Fitness experts. Today fitness has not only been the reason he became fit again but it has become an accomplishment of his life.

David career as a fitness expert did not end there as he is also known as Model who had got endorsement deals for great multinationals such as Fitness Apparel and accessories brand Gym shark.

Laid YouTube channel have also brought about his Fitness success; he has made money from running ads for numerous company.


As a Model and Fitness Expert Laid Body measurement can’t be left unmentioned. He stands an impressive height of 6 feet 2 inches. His body weight is range between 185 – 195Ib.


  1. Laid YouTube channel which he started on July 2009 has accumulated over 100 million views as at present.
  2. Laid is known for engaging in several workouts but some of his favorites are deadlifts, bench press and squat. He exercises 6 days every week and 6 hours everyday.
  3. Laid doesn’t like food that much but he often put extra effort in order to meet his daily calorie requirements.
  4. Over the years it has been speculated that he uses performance enhancing drugs like steroids to aid his bodybuilding. Laid has deny the rumor as nothing of such happen.

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