Jeff Seid

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Jeff Seid


Jeff Seid is a well known bodybuilder and fitness model. He Is a multi talented personality who is also known as Fitness Model, An Author, Entrepreneur and Social Media Star.

He is one of the notable and well recognized Fitness Model who became the center of attention due to his exotic body which he was able to achieve due to constant work out.

Jeff have been all about his physic right from teenage and today all his hard work and dedication has paid off. He is now a great Body builder and Fitness Model.


The Fitness Model was born on June 24, 1994 in Renton, Washington. His childhood has been all about working out as he has find interest in fitness since he was young.

During high school he was involved in school football team and as well in wrestling, baseball and track. He had little success in football when he started receiving scholarship offers from several college football programs but things went soar for him after he incurred an ACL injury causing him to stop playing football.

Jeff Seid

He was busy suffering from depression due to his shattered dream in football when he stumbled upon a body building website which brought about his interest in making body building a profession.


Jeff Seid career as a Body Builder started after his dream was shattered as a footballer due to his ACL injury. Although he has always been a sport person from childhood but he never thought he will develop deep passion for fitness which as at today as been one of his greatest masterpiece.

He started working out from teenage years and he got his first weight set from his parent during his 12th birthday as a present. This made him develop more passion for Fitness and Body building. Seid work effortlessly in other to achieve the huge body he so much desire.

His career take effect professionally in 2012 when he made his first YouTube video which he posted on his YouTube channel. This made him quite famous and he started getting invites for photo shoot. His online present earn him an invite to the national shows.

Jeff Seid

Sooner Jeff started getting a high profile and at the age of 19 he became the youngest body builder to earn a pro card from the international federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness.

He won his first professional show few months after which qualified him for the 2013 Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique showdown, although he did not win the show but this brought about greater recognition for him.

In January 2015 Jeff published a book which he titled Autobiography Guide to Aesthetics. This book brought about great success for him and transform his journey to the aesthetic lifestyle.


Jeff Sied is 6 feet height, his physique is a great assets and his body is weight 95kg. Although rumors have it that he uses some steroids or other performance enhancement drugs but Jeff denies the allegation revealing that his fitness is solely natural.


  1. Jeff moved to Los Angeles in 2015 with the aim of launching a new chapter in his career.
  2. He is also a business man who is involve in many businesses.
  3. He has presently enroll in acting class in readiness for making his entrance into show business.

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