Jessica Gomes

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Jessica Gomes


Jessica Gomes is an Australian Beauty personality who has manage to gain a high recognition in the entertainment world due to her attractive and beautiful looks. She is a Model who has a high following all over her social media platform. Her fame has brought about many endorsements from notable brands.

Jessica has been linked to the Sports Illustrated Magazine and over the years she has been seen working with a lot of great personality. Jessica career did not end just as a Model. On a regular basis she has appeared on many musical video and also feature in great movies.


The famous Model was born on September 25, 1984. She was born to a father who is named Joe Gomes and a mother named Jenny an indigene of China. Although her age has been revealed but it has not been disclosed where she was born. It was later rumored that she was born in Sydney or New South Wales which has not been confirmed.

Jessica Gomes

She grew up in Perth, Australia. She studies at Salle College. She has 3 siblings 2 elder sisters and a brother. She is the last child of her parent. Jessica interest to become a Model started since childhood, which trigger the need for her to enroll in a Model academy named Linda-Ann Model Academy.


Jessica is a beautiful personality and as expected she has many suitors. She has been involved in few relationship, she was previously in a romantic relationship with Xavier Samuel who is a famous actor. The duo dated for a year before they went apart.

In the past she has also been in a relationship with Rugby Player who is named Rocky Elson but things did not go as expected for the lovers.

Presently Jessica is speculated to be single as she doesn’t seem to be in any romantic relationship.


Jessica Gomes career started as young as 13 years old when her mother enrolls her into a Model school. She started her career professionally when she landed a contract with IMG Models in New York. Aside the fact that she is a notable Model, she is also known for her skill in business which has pave way for her in Asian Territories such as Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. All thanks to her brilliant idea today her name as become a household name in Asia.

The notable Model is known to have appear in commercials such as Hyundai Sonata and the LG Cyon Bikini Phone Advert. As at present she has become a regular face on Television Programs.

Her talent as a Model has brought about bigger deals for her which made her work with top notch such as Vogue, Teen Vogue, Glamour, American Glamour, Victoria secret, DKNY Jeans, Garnier, Levi’s, Motorola, Urban Outfitters and many more.

Gomes have also model for Jay Z clothing line named Roca wear clothing. She worked with David Jones and also collaborated with Enprani cosmetic. She also has her own lip gloss and Gomes is known to have work in Vietnam for Harper’s Bazaar and also appear on Cleo’s cover.

Jessica Gomes

Jessica Gomes is also known for her acting skill; she has her own reality series which she named My Name is Jessica Gomes. Her reality show was launched in 2009.


Jessica Gomes have managed to gain a wide success in her career. Presently she is estimated to worth $6 million.


  1. She is a talented dancer. She has previously appeared on the Korean edition of dancing with the stars which hold on June 10th Gomes took third place and sometimes in 2018 she appears in the film “Once Upon a Time in Venice” along with Bruce Willis.
  2. Gomes voice have appeared on notable artist songs such as Rick Ross productions and she also did a small voice clips for Kanye West in the song “Christian Dior Denim Flow”. She features in the crown music video by Zitao.

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