Kristen Ledlow

Kristen Ledlow Bio, Career, Husband, Family & Net Worth

Kristen Ledlow


The beautiful sport anchor is known for her excellent work. She became widely known when she started working as the host of NBA in NBA TV. She has been the center of the NBA world since she joins them as a host.

Growing up Ledlow has been very interested in Media. She spent most of her life working in the media as that as always been her interest.


Kristen Ledlow was born on January 18, 1988. Although information regarding where she was born has never been revealed but its recorded that she is of White Ethnicity and an American Nationality.

She was born into the family of Rita Ledlow and Roger Ledlow. She has one siblings who is named Lauren Ledlow.

She attended Christian Community school and later join North Florida Christian School. During her school days, it was gathered that she is very active in sports such as Basketball and Volleyball games.

Ledlow education did not stop in high school. She attended the University of Lakeland, Florida where she graduated in 2010 with bachelor degree in broadcasting and communication.


Although Kristen Ledlow have been involve in a quite number of relationships in the past but none of this romantic relationships have been confirmed by her.

For few years she has been a little bit reserved when it has to deal with her love life but her post on Twitter one time show she is probably in a romantic relationship with an avid baseball player whose name was never reveal.

The relationship did not last longer as the Jacksonville State later decided to break up with her by leaving a note on her counter.

Kristen Ledlow

On December 2018 Ledlow took to her Instagram page to share her marriage pictures which proves she tie the knot with the love her life. although information regarding the man was not reveal but pictures show that she is happily married to him.


Kristen Ledlow career started professionally after she left school. She started her career as a broadcaster when she started working for WTXL-TV as a host for the Good News Show and also co hosted The Opening Drive. Ledlow career did not in any way end there as she also hosts the NBA Inside Stuff.

She later moves on to work for Florida State Seminoles football games as a sideline reporter. Ledlow deep love for sport never stop increasing as she quickly joins the CBS Sports Radio and she also co host The Opening Drive.

Kristen Ledlow

Ledlow career keeps reaching it peak as she further joined The WZGC as a host in 2013 and later become the host of NBA Inside Stuff at NBA TV which she joins in 2015. In 2014 it was gathered that she was able to set records for participating in the 2014 NBA All Star Weekend Celebrity.


There Is in fact no doubt that Kristen Ledlow have manage to gather a wide success in her career. Although she has not open up publicly how much she worth but it has been estimated that her net worth is around $500,000.


  1. Ledlow is known to have wrote for Tallahassee Quaterback Club and she has also worked on Tallahassee.
  2. Kristen was the first to be hired by the NBA TV.
  3. She is currently the host for NBA Inside Stuff, HLN and CNN.
  4. She was previously grabbed the Miss Capital City USA.

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