Parker Nirenstein

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Parker Nirenstein


YouTubing has been a great way to explore oneself in the recent world and people like Parker Nirenstein is one of a great YouTube star who has manage to gain a wide success in her career.

Parker is known as a car enthusiast who is very passionate about YouTubing. He started his YouTube channel in 2012 which he named Automotive Channel Vehicle Virgin which has gain him over 2 million subscribers.

He started his YouTube with the aim of helping viewers make one of the best decisions regarding their lives. His channel features videos reviewing different exotic high performance cars.


Parker Nirenstein was born on June 24 1994 in Palo Alto in California, United States. She was born to the family of John Nirenstein who is a tech entrepreneur and his wife Michelle who happens to be a home maker. His father is a car enthusiast.

Parker often feature his family member on his YouTube Channel. His father along with his sister feature in one of his video which title Sister/Dad’s Hilarious Reaction to My Lamborghini Huracan.

He attended Redwood High School in California and he spent one year in Tufts University, Massachusetts and later attend the University of Michigan in 2013 where he graduated with BA in Engineering.

Parker interns with two successful car companies which includes Ford and Toyota which prompt his interest in car.


Parker Nirenstein started his career when he opens a blog while he was in college. He often writes content related to car reviews. The deep love he has for car made him start making car review videos which he often posts on his YouTube Channel. he opened his YouTube Channel on January 12, 2012 named Vehicle Virgins.

Parker Nirenstein

On his channel he helps his viewers decide the car they should buy and he also features informative, exclusive and exciting videos about different cars.

All thanks to Parker dedication in his career, today his career as paid off. Today he has managed to amass over 2 million subscribers and over 500 million views. His channel Vehicle Virgins is one of the best leading YouTube channel in the world today.

Aside his YouTube channel he also has a lead success on his social media platform. He often enjoys posting cars and other great pictures on his Various social media platform.


Although Parker is not one of the highest paid YouTubers in the world but he has managed to gather a wide success too in his career. He earns an average of $600,000.

He has several sponsorships with auto companies which also earn him a wide range of cash.


  1. Parker is a car lover, his first ever car was a 2006 BMW 3 series. He now has a great car collection which includes BMW M5, Mercedes S Class and Lamborghini Holden Hurricane.
  2. He has a house, a great mansion which is located in California.
  3. In 2015 he acquire a 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo within three years of starting his YouTube channel.

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