Brent Rivera

Brent Rivera Bio, Career, Facts, Sister, Is He Gay?

Brent Rivera


Brent is one of the few who didn’t struggle for fame before they begin to get high recognition in the crowd. He is a known American social media personality who has a high fame through the use of YouTube and Vine. Aside from being a high paid social media personality, he has also managed to earn a lot of fame as an actor and singer.

Brent started getting a high status in the society due to his classic videos which he often posts on his various social media platform. On his YouTube he is known for always sharing Challenges videos, Comic and many more.


The famous and well loved Brent Rivera was born in Huntington Beach, California on January 9, 1998. He has three siblings, one which is also famous. His siblings are named Brice, Blake and Lexi. His sister Lexi is also a famous Social Media personality, who is also known to have build a name for herself in the entertainment world.

While growing up Brent have been very passionate about social media and he often find himself being delightful and ready to mingle.


Over the years there has been a lot of speculations going around that Brent is a Gay and he is fully involved with Man, right as a public figure speculations and assumptions are necessary. The public have assumed he is a gay on several occasions which happens to be a misconception from his fans.

Rumors also have it that he is romantically involve with his fellow YouTube star Eva Gutowski. Eva Gutowski often feature on his YouTube videos such as a video he titles “Wearing Long Acrylic Nails for 25 Hours” which he releases on October 2018.

Up until date Brent have never asserted to his sexual orientation but his fans hope to see more of his romantic life as years passes by.


Brent Rivera started his YouTube career in 2009 when he created his channel which he titles MrBrent98. He started by posting day to day activities video of family and friends. On this videos he often features friends and siblings. As soon as he started his video he started drawing wide attentions and just in a short period of time he has manage to gain a massive subscriber.

In 2013 Brent decided to take his YouTube channel to a greater level and also extend to other social media platform, then he open a Vine channel which was quite easy for him to build due to his massive followers on his YouTube channel. In a short period, his Vine account also start growing and he was able amassed 10 million fans on Vine and over 7 million Subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Brent Rivera

In 2014 Brent decided to put a little spice to his career as he venture into singing. He drops his first ever single in 2014 which he titles Doubt You Doubts on ITunes. In a short while the song was able to gain a huge download.

His single brought about a wider fame for him in the entertainment industry. Over the years Brent have been nothing but greatness as he always attracts a wide view on his YouTube. One of his best video on YouTube was a video with his sister Lexi which he titles Brother Vs Sister. The video has amassed over 2 million views and massive likes.


Although Brent Net Worth has never been confirmed but it has been gathered that Brent is earning a huge amount of cash due to his social media present.

Some source has it that Brent is estimated to worth $4 millions. Aside his video he often earns money from ads and promotions.

  1. His YouTube channel which he named MrBrent98 was created when he was just eleven years old.

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