Antonio Garza

Antonio Garza Bio, Career, Is she a Male or Female, Net Worth

Antonio Garza


Antonio Garza is an undeniable beautiful YouTube star, Social media personality, Beauty expert and Make up artist who became quite famous for his extra ordinary approach toward makeup. Among the popular and successful YouTuber Garza is one to recon with. She has gather a lot of fame and success, although many questions have been raised if Garza is a male or female.

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The young and successful Graza was born on December 15th 2002 in Austin, Texas. She has a brother whose name and identity was not disclosed. She was raised by her parent who help her in growing her talents.

She attended high school in Texas where she opted out for the sake of her career online which in no doubt favorable for her. Information regarding her early life seem to be a little bit on hidden as she is still young and probably just living her early life.


Antonio Garza career started on January 26 2014 when she created her YouTube channel but didn’t upload any video not until 2018. Her first ever video was title “Valentines Heart Cut Crease Makeup Look” which was uploaded precisely on February 4th 2018. The video was all about unique Makeup Look, the video was a successful one and within a short period of time It acquire a wide upload.

Antonio Garza

Today Garza is among the few YouTuber who has reach a point where they start getting instant few on YouTube immediately after they upload. Her videos are often much anticipated that it started getting millions of views immediately he uploads them.

On her YouTube she is often seen uploading videos related to Makeup where she has been able to acquire a wide range of fame. He is always on the face of many, no wonder her success story is what many people envy. As years passes by she moves from just being a Makeup guru to Fashion Influencer.


Although he has just become famous but she has been able to acquire a wide success which many have not been able to achieve in just a year.

According to reliable source she estimated to worth the sum of $300,000 in just a year.


Often times there have always been questions about Garza gender. Thousands have wonder if he is actually a male or female as his look seem very confusing. Some addresses Garza as he others as she. The big question is, if she is a male or female.

Accord to reliable sources Garza was reportedly born a Boy but as at now look like a girl, probably she is a Trans. She has so much interest in girls like things and over the years she has work on confusing many that she is a girl.

Although Garza have block every means of opening up about his gender but not regardless she is appreciated by her fans for her remarkable talent in makeup.


  1. Regardless of being a Transgender, Garza have a quite attractive body which will make every one fall for her. She has a breast size of 32, chest 26 and waist size of 34.

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