Luke Harper

Luke Harper Bio, Career, Age, Wrestling life, Wife & Net Worth

Luke Harper


Luke Harper muscle is enough to scare competitor off in the ring, he is known as a resilient fighter whose career as fetch enough wealth for over the years. He has won so many fight which made him a great fighter.

When it comes to the battle of the ring Luke Harper is not one to mess with. He is quite very talented in what he does which has fetch him a wide fame.


The resentment fighter was born in Rochester, New York on December 16, 1979. Although information regarding his educational background is not disclosed but it was gathered that he has been very interested in Wrestling since a very tender age.

Harper considered wrestling as a thing of leisure exercise which was an ordinary game to him. He often does wrestling along with his brother which he was raised along with, who also had interest in Wrestling.


Luke Harper got married to the love of his life in 2018 a Synndy who is also a professional wrestler. Seems Harper love and life interest is all center around wrestling.

The duo had their first child in 2012 a son who is named Brodie, who was named after his father independent wrestling name which he drops after he join the WWE.

On December 2017 the couple welcome their second son. Harper was fully into the WWE when his wife had their second child, he had to leave Smack Down Lives’ South American Tour to be with his wife and the new born.

Harper is a family person who is known for his deep love and interest he has for his family.


Luke Harper career started when he was much younger, as at that time he is known for always wrestling with his brother who is also much interested in wrestling as at that period. Along with his brother they started out as backyard wrestler Huber boy 1 and Huber Boy 2. Soon he was discovered by Kirby Marcos in Rochester who trained him to be a professional wrestler.

In 2002 Harper career got to a bigger point when he made his first professional debut when he wrestles for Roc City Wrestling RCW. After his success in the Roc City he changes his name from Huber boy 2 to Brodie Lee while he was under Rochester Pro Wrestling. During his stay in the RPW he won so many grand champion competitions.

Luke Harper

In 2017 he was offer an opportunity by the Chikara Wrestling promotion. He lost to Equinox at his debut, till date he still believes in himself and Chikara was nowhere close to doubting his potentials, he stated that the fight was unplanned as he was face off. He notes that he was only visiting backstage friends who ask him to fill in for “Reckless Youth” who didn’t show up for the match. This made him stronger and prepare and also defeated Equinox on several occasions.

Soon Harper move from being just an ordinary wrestler to a super one, he is known to have won over several wrestlers which includes Claudio Castagnoli. He also had another experience with Eddie Kingston and Grizzly Redwood in 2018, forming a stable with the gimmick “The Roughnecks” they undertook several fights defeating UltraMantis Black, Crossbones and Sami Callihan.

In 2011 Chikara had their first singles championship where Harper had a chance to participate, but soon he pulls out of the competition due to sustain injury.

He is known have wrestled for Syracuse, New York based Squared circle wrestling 2CW and in 2017 he also works in Ring of Honor from the year 2008-2009 where he was teamed up with a stable “The Age of the Fall” where he collaborated with other fighter to set the pace of modern days wrestling.

In 2012 he went ahead to feature on WWE after he signed a development contract. He started out with the Florida Championship Wrestling FCW where he made his first ever Television debut with the Wyatt family. Rowan and Harper had so many wins together where he defeated the likes of Bo Dallas, Michael Mcgillicutty, Neville and Bo Dallas, Corey Graves and Kassius Ohno and many more.

Harper had his first ever smack down fight on July 2012 where he defeated Tons of Funk along his Tag teammate Rowan. In 2014 the Wyatt family was dissolved and both Rowan and Harper went their separate ways resulting them to becoming a single competitor. In 2015 he made his way back to the Wyatt family which resulted to many wins. In 2017 Rowan and Harper made a new name which they called Bludgeon Brothers. On October 10 he made his television come back on an episode of Smack down.


The famous fighter has acquired a wide wealth in his career, he is estimated to worth 3 million dollars and also gain yearly income of $90,000.

  1. Harper name Brodie Lee was inspired by a Kevin Smith film, Mall rats which featured a Harper lookalike named Brodie (Jason Lee in real life).

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