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Cheryl Casone


To those who are very active with the Fox Net work will agree with me that Cheryl Casone is one of the best and beautiful personality behind the Fox Business Network. She is known as the American business reporter and anchor, her role is to provide the weekly job reports and also a financial contributor to the Fox Net work. No wonder her role on the Net Work is a crucial one.


Cheryl Casone was born in Clearwater, Florida United State on July 18, 1970. She was born to an Engineering father who happens to be a consultant to the government. His father travels a lot due to the nature of his job which prompt Casone to move a lot during her childhood. She has two siblings a brother and sister.

Casone once live in Sweden for a year during childhood and later move to Ohio, from there she move to Dallas Texas before settling in Phoenix where she had her high school education in Thunderbird High School. After her high school education, she receives a B.S in Public relation from the university of Flagstaff, Arizona. After her education she started working as a flight attendant in Southwest Airline where she works for five years. During this period, she had a world tour, where she had the opportunity to visit great countries such as Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal and Western Europe.


Cheryl Casone career started when she moved to California in 1997 after she enrolled in a community college. She then took a traveling job considering the fact that she has visited many countries. She took the job for the nationally syndicated program travel update at the CNX Media, she later moves to work on the KRON TV where she work as a business and general assignment reporter and she also anchor a business news show.

After brief work with the KRON TV Cheryl Casone then decided to move to New York where she started working on June 2004 which follows her appointment with the MSNBC, with the MSNBC she work as an occasional anchor for the MSNBC live for a year. In 2006 she joins the FOX News Network as a correspondent. She also works as a reporter for the CBS News and she was also a freelance business correspondent for CNN and at CNN she majorly reported from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as a fill in business and stock market reporter.

Cheryl Casone role at the FOX seem endless as she as worked as a correspondent on the business unit of Fox News channel and then became an anchor on Fox Business Net work on September 2007. She then provides financial weekly job reports on the Fox News Net Work. Cheryl Casone then host business analysis program Cashin In between the year 2002-2018 an hourly business web update.

Cheryl Casone


Cheryl Casone net worth is estimated to worth $1 million.

  1. Cheryl Casone started shooting gun since the age of eight years old.
  2. She is an athletic, on July 26, 2009 she competed the 2009 New York City Triathlon along with Liz Claman.
  3. Cheryl Casone wrote a book titled The comeback: How Todays Moms Reenter the Workplace Successfully. The book was published in 2016.

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