Alaina Marie Matters

Alaina Marie Matters father Eminem, Real Mother Dawn, Bio, Boyfriend & Net Worth

Alaina Marie Matters


Alaina Marie Matters is one of the daughter of Marshall Bruce Matters III who is well known as Eminem. One biological daughter and two adopted one’s. Alaina Marie is one of the adopted child of Eminem but regardless the fact that she was adopted by him, Eminem often treat Alaina Marie like his own blood. He refers her to Lainey a nick name he gave her which was also mention in his songs.

Although Alaina Marie is quite secretive with her life but few information’s has been gather. Read below to unfold them.


Alaina Marie Matters was born on May 3, 1993. She was named Amanda Marie Scott during birth. She was born to Eminem ex wife Kim Scott twin sister who is named Dawn Scott. Alaina mother Dawn and her twin sister Kim were born on January 9, 1975. The twin sisters both had a rough childhood which prompt them to flew from home when they were both 12 years old. After they left home the two sister started living with Eminem family in a trailer.

After years passes by Eminem started a romantic relationship with Kim. After several years of dating Kim had her first child for Eminem whom they name Haile Matters. Haile was born in 1995, during this period Eminem use to work in a restaurant as he Is yet to start his rap career.

During the year 2000 when Eminem gain fame he decided to adopt Amanda Scott and change her name to Alaina Marie Mather. He reportedly adopted her due to her mother drug addiction and frequent run in with the law which might affect Alaina life. after her adoption Eminem start caring for the child like she was born to his family.

Things took a new turn on January 2016 when Alaina lose her mother Dawn due to heroin overdose. She was reportedly found dead in her home in Warren, Michigan. Dawn is known to do any kind of drugs such as Heroin, cocaine, Adderall. She takes any drug pills she is able to set her hand on. She swallows them like candy was the word of Dawn boyfriend as at that period.

Alaina Marie Matters

After her death her twin sister Kim wrote these words for her saying.

“I kept a light lit for her hoping she’d find her way back to me. I miss her and love her more than anything I could ever say. I wish she was here so I could hug her and tell her I love her. Half of me is gone and I will never feel whole again. She made me laugh and kept me on my toes. She was the best sister and friend in the world and I will miss her until we are together again.”

Aside Hailie, Alaina also has a sister who is her sister/cousin named Whitney Scott Matters who was born on April 16, 2002. Whitney is the daughter of Kim Scott whom she had with her boyfriend Eric Hatter whom she dated when she ad Eminem first divorce but when she came back with Eminem he then adopts her as his own.


Unlike her other sisters who often bring their love and personal life on the media Alaina Matters is a reserve one whom doesn’t even handle any social media page. Her personal life is on low key as no one can guess her love interest as at present.


Like every father and child relationship Alaina Marie Matters is also benefitting from her father wealth. She is estimated to be enjoying from her father fortune of $190 million.

  1. She studies Public relation at Oakland University.
  2. It was previously rumored that Eminem’s once spent a sum of $375,000 on each of his three daughters to make matching neckless for them.

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