James Charles

James Charles Bio, Boyfriend, Is he gay? Net worth & Career

James Charles


In the recent days many young guys have started getting famous doing feminine things which has work well in their success story. James Charles is one of the few male celebrity who became famous with feminine thing, Make up. He is an internet personality who has gather wide fame doing what he loves doing the most.

James is well known on his YouTube channel where he became famous for posting Make Up tutorials. His YouTube channel is known as one of the biggest channel we have as at today, all credited to his brilliant way of relating with his audience.


The famous Make Up guru and Media personality was born in Bethlehem, New York on May 23, 1999. He has a brother whom he is older than named Ian Charles.

James has been very much interested in Makeup since his tender age. He started enrolling in makeup things after he got a go ahead from his parent. After then he got to order his Makeup Kit from an online store after his father helped him convert the basement to a makeup studio.


Over the years a lot of question about James Charles love interest has been raised. James Charles is an open confirmed Gay. He admitted his sexual pleasure while he was 12 years old, as at then he was just in middle school.

In 2016 James spoke more about the process of accepting his sexual pleasure and love interest. He said his parents were incredibly accepting and that he got a lot of support from his community and school.

Many events have proved how supportive James parent are to his career and as well as his Love interest. James mother once fought a fan who spoke ill about James sexuality. The support he got from his parent on both his career and love life has no bound.


James Charles career started at the age of 12 after getting an approval from his parent. His father is no doubt very supportive of him as he manages to turn their basement to a makeup studio all for his son interest. Sooner James started using his friends as an experiment which is very common among makeup artist. In 2015 James started working more on his social media present when he opens a YouTube channel and as well as Instagram account in other to post his work and tutorials.

James Charles

James stated that he shares his work online as a form of an artistic expression to inspire others and challenge himself creatively. In 2016 he became more famous when his Senior yearbook photo broke the internet. Here is the story “James woke up on the morning of the photo shoot by 7am to get all glammed up for the big day. The photo was meant for his senior year book something that would always be, so James had to make sure the picture would be iconic, something to look back at years later and beat his chest about. Before going to school for the photo shoot, James took a selfie of his well contoured face and posted it on his Instagram. He started getting likes and brilliant comment which was quite impressive. On getting to the school he started posing for the photos which result did not come out well. James blame it on the camera light being used. James previous result made him contact the company and requested to get a reshoot and they agreed but he wasn’t ready to take a chance with their camera so he brought his own ring light which he uses for the makeup photos posted on his Instagram.

These time James got a brilliant result which impress him. James then took to his Instagram and twitter account to reveal the details of how the perfect photo came about and it went viral. The post was the talk of the town. The post even attracted the famous star Zendaya who commented on the post with caption You Win.

The photo-shoot brought about James immersive fame and on October 2016 Beauty Behemoth Cover Girl made him their first ever male ambassador aka Cover Boy.

Later on James was then offered the job of being the face of CoverGirl’s new mascara line So Lashy! Up next. He made his first television appearance on Ellen and in 2017 he repped Marco Marco’s Six ½ collection on the runway of the Los Angeles Fashion week.


James Charles career as become a big deal, as it has gotten wealth and lot of dollars rolling into his account. He received a lot of money by joining the cover girl and also from advertisement he made on his social media platform.

James is estimated to worth the sum of $2 million.

  1. James Charles graduation which hold on June 2017 had an extra preview. He added a spice by putting Cover Girls slogan “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful” written on his graduation cap.
  2. After his CoverGirl deal James was noticed by the Forbes and he was listed in their 2017 list of 30 Under 30 – Arts and style.

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