Heath Hussar

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Heath Hussar


Heath Hussar is one the most active user of the social media platform. To him social media is where the cash rolls in. He is one the first famous Vine User, the platform which came into existence on January 2012, where people often share short videos but was later deactivated in 2016. During the period of its existence Heath Hussar was one of the famous active user.

Heath career started on Vine where he often shares short videos. He owns two account on the platform and he became recognized along with his friend Zane Hijazi. On Vine he was able to gather over 3.4 million followers. He specialized in sharing video such as challenge, comic and daily lifestyles.


The famous Social media personality was born in Plantation, Florida, United States on April 5 1993. The calm and good hearted Heather was raised in the same city of his birth. He has an elder brother whose name and identity is yet to be disclosed.

As per his educational activities Hussar is known to be a learned personality who is also very paramount about getting good educational knowledge, it was revealed that he attended the South Plantation High school and also had his higher education at Broward college, North American.


Over the years’ speculation has always arise that Hussar is probably gay. But the fact is yet to be certain as no one as been able to pick point if he is straight or gay. Although he is often mention as a gay by his fans but till date Hussar haven’t spoken about the topic.

It was also rumored that he is in a romantic relationship with Mariah Amato a famous dancer which is also yet to be confirm by him.


Rumours has it that Heath Hussar have always been passionate about being a social media celebrity since childhood, it might sound funny but it has been speculated that it has always been his dream career. After he finish from the university he initially started working at Brookstone and Pac Sum before he rose to stardom. After leaving the firm he started his social media business. He started his social media appearance by joining the Vine Platform which was one of the best social media app as at that point. He started posting video on the platform along with his friend Zane Hijazi. He is known for posting funny video which often gather wide view on the platform, in less than few months he was able to gather a lot of followers.

After gaining a wide fame on his first personal Vine account, he thought of making another Vine account along with his friend Zane which was also a huge success. Aside Zane he has also made notable collaboration with success Vine celebrities such as TheGabbieShow, Manon Mathews and many more.

After Vine was shut down Hussar thought of moving to another social media platform with the same intent to share funny and comic videos. This prompt him to open an Instagram account where he started posting funny and interesting videos. Sooner than expected he started acquiring a wide fame on Instagram as well and within a short period he has gathered thousands of active followers on the platform.

Aside Instagram and Vine, he is also known to have a YouTube account which is also doing pretty well. He also ventures into acting and he appeared in short movies such as Lab Coats: Life after the Zombie Apocalypse and 1 Minute Horror.


As at present Heath Hussar is known as one of the most successful social media star and as expected he has gather a lot of wealth for that fact. Although is annual salary and income is yet to be disclosed but he Is estimated to worth an impressive sum of $1 million.

  1. Heath Hussar is known as a calm person as he rarely involves in social media speculations. He is more about his career and his personal life interest. Its rare to see him in the middle of social media heat.

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