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Falicia Blakely


Falicia Blakely is the famous name behind the 2017 TVOne drama which was titled When Love Kills, the movie which was directed by Tasha Smith is the Falicia Blakely story, the story revolves around the life of Falicia, the tragic movie is about a teen American Mom who grows up in the fast lane. When her life turns around and she became a superb dancer, she got the eye of a local pimp and Predator Who Is named Dino, to win the love of her, she is ready to do anything even if it’s a criminal act. Falicia was involved in killing innocent people in other to be with the man of her dream.

As much as many people might feel the move is just one of the script based on fiction, it is sad to know that the whole story is based on the Falicia Blakely true life story and it sadden to point out that at this period, she is presently serving a sentence for murdering three men at age nineteen.

Blakely is a quite determined lady who use to work as a nude dancer in several club in Georgia, United state. During this period, she had a son who was just two years at the time she was arrested. After several years of her arrest, in the year 2017 her name came to the face of the world, when she decided to share her story through the movie which was release by TVOne Drama.

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Falicia is a fighter of love and she happens to be someone who fight for what she believes in. according to her book which also inspired the movie When love kills, it proves that she was only 19 years old when she got arrested, however she was born in the year 1983 into a broken home, her father use to be a drug dealer, which prompt him to spend most of his days in jail, her mother was not even supportive, as she left Falicia to be nurture by her grandma.

Growing up was not easy for Falicia, as she moves from doing one odd job to the other in order to make a good living for herself. She spends her childhood in Jacksonville, Florida. While she was at the age of 15 she moves with her mother to Atlanta where she started making living for herself. At this period, she began working as a nude dancer in several clubs. At age sixteen Falicia became pregnant which might have been from the result of her kind of job. After several months of being pregnant she gave birth to her son whom she fondly calls Man, after the birth of her son, she returns to working as a nude dancer in other to provide a good living for him.

During this period Blakely fell in love with a man whose identity is yet to be disclosed. Being in love with this man, he gave her empty promises of a good thereafter and made her do his criminal jobs. Along with her co dancer Ameshia Ervin, they both carry out a lot of criminal jobs for him which include killing innocent souls.


After the movie When Loves Kills which was released by TVOne drama, many lover of the story have been curious about the location of Falicia Blakely. Well the lady behind the story is currently serving her life sentence at DeKalb Country Jail in Georgia, United State.


Falicia Blakely was arrested in the year 2002 along with her partner in crime Ervin while they were having dinner. After their arrest the both of them were charged to court where they pleaded guilty for killing two people who goes by the name Claudell Christmas and Raymond Goodwin. According to them, their victim Lemetrius Twitty, who was a witness to a fatal Atlanta fight that led to the murder charges against an NFL linebacker named Ray Lewis was killed 12 hours later.

Falicia was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences with no eligible parole.


Falicia Blakely has a son who is named Man, who is currently in his teenage years, the boy who was just two years old when his mother was arrested in 2002 is now 19 years old. Rumor have it that Blakely son is now into soccer and he has a good future in it.

Man was quite young when his mother was arrested which made it difficult for him to understand the story behind his mother arrest. This prompt Blakely to write a book through Sereniti Hall, who happen to document the life of Falicia Blakely in a published book titled A Treacherous Hustle. The book inspired the movie which was title When Love Kills.


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