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Theresa Roemer bio, career, age, net worth, husband and children

theresa roemer


The beautiful Theresa Roemer is known as one of the strongest woman in the world, when it comes to overcoming difficult without resistance, Theresa is one of a kind, type of woman whom you hardly come by in life. She is known for having numerous talent, from being YouTuber to a Social Media Influencer. Theresa also have career in Body Fitness, Radio host, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist.

Aside her career in the entertainment world, she is also famous for her closet which is known all over the world. Her closet is named She-Cave which is a 3000 square foot closet, located in a mansion in Woodlands, Houston.

Its very safe to say Theresa Roemer is one of the most determined and successful entrepreneur, who has not only acquired success in her entertainment business but in every career of her dream.


Theresa Roemer was born in Nebraska on September 27th 1961. She was born into a family who is not too successful, but lived a middle class life. she was raised along with her 3 siblings in Nebraska. Since childhood Theresa as been very passionate about success. She is the type that prefer to be outside than being idle indoor.

It was gathered that during her high school days which she attended in Nebraska, she uses to be very passionate about basketball which earn her a sport scholarship to attend the Black Hills State University in South Dakota.

During her first year in the university, Theresa was stuck in love which made her get married earlier in life. After her marriage, she became pregnant and gave birth to her first child then soon she had another baby. Sooner Theresa became a full house wife, as she finds herself taking care of her home.

During this period Theresa began teaching aerobics just to keep herself busy but her husband was not being supportive which brought about dispute in her marriage. After her marriage crisis, Theresa decided to move California, as soon as she return to California she started working in a health club as its general manager.

After several months Theresa was able to gather enough money to build her own Gym house. In no time Theresa Gym became a big deal and due to several recognitions of her excellent in her field she was able to achieve great success. From being just a body builder, Theresa move to becoming a Health Club consultant.

theresa roemer

In 2002 she moved to Southern California in other to be closer to her father, during this period she started working with Bally Total Fitness California’s studio but sooner she moved to Texas where she pursue her career the more.


Theresa Roemer met the love of her life Lamar Roemer who was a former tennis pro who use to play in the US open and Wimbledon, after his great success in as a tennis player, he started working for ExxonMobil and several other big oil companies.

Lamar soon started his own oil business after he had work for several companies in the past.

Having been together for over 8 months, Lamar request Theresa to move in with him in Houston. After moving in with Lamar in 2006 a big tragedy befall Theresa, as she lost one her son in a car accident, this period was very hard for Theresa which made her to think suicide, but for the sake of her other child, she was able to by pass that hard time.

After several months of losing her son, Theresa became pregnant again and this time she gave birth to twin, after the birth of her twin she and Lamar decided to tie the knot in the year 2008.


Theresa is no doubt one of the most successful business woman who was able to achieve great success on her accord. Its safe to call her a very successful woman. In addition to her wealth, she is also married to a highly successful personality who own 4 oil companies.

Theresa Roemer has a net worth which is estimated to be about $12.5 million.

  1. Theresa won the U.S Open title for body building in the year 1999.
  2. Theresa is a mother to 5 beautiful children named Tashina, Leslie, Lauren, Maximillian and LB Roemer.
  3. Theresa has stock at the world’s largest closet with choice fashionable item from the Crème de la Crème of the fashion industry.

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